Vampires Vs Ghosts

The idea of a human corpse or body coming back to life or the spirit of one who has since passed on revisiting the realm of the living is not new. All cultures around the world have some form of this myth. Scholars (and even those who have strong common sense) have hypothesized that the prominence of these myths, legends, and stories is related to the human fear and wonder of what awaits beyond the land of the living. Having a loved one reanimate after their heart has stopped beating or the spirit of him or her return to inadvertently interact or even speak to the living is a very comforting thought to the family and friends of a recently deceased person. However, many tales of bodies moving around and performing actions after death or a spirit that has contact with living humans are actually rather frightening. Dead bodies coming back to life could be vampires who continue living off of human blood or zombies who live off of human flesh. Ghosts have a tendency to haunt the living or disturbing inanimate objects to scare humans or destroy a certain inhabited area. These two entities seem to make up two different parts of a human being—the vampire or zombie being the body and the ghost being the soul. The combination of the two might even make a living person again. However, since the concept of a zombie is a relatively modern one and is only seen in in the Voodoo religion, vampires are really the most dominant form of dead bodies that receive new life. Still, one must look into which is the better legend—the body (as vampires) versus the spirit (as ghosts).

Fear Factor

Which entity is scarier? If you were faced with a mystical body that was only brought back into the land of the living by constant feeding on the blood of other living humans and a spirit who lives to torture living humans into madness with the projection of frightening scenarios and even the potential to gruesomely kill the living which would you choose to charge against in order to spare yourself the horror of these monsters? The shaking of random inanimate objects may not seem like much of a threat when facing a physical battle royal with a creature that is generally stronger than the average human and can literally wrap their hands around your neck to choke you to death before feasting on your life blood. A major difference exists though in the forms of these two rather scary beings. The vampire has the ability to physically affect a person more than a ghost, but it almost must follow the rules of a physical body. A person can run away and lock themselves behind strong doors and powerful deadbolt locks to protect himself or herself from an assaulting vampire, but a ghost does not have such restrictions. An ethereal or vaporous form can freely travel through doorways and walls no matter how thick or strong they might be, thereby not allowing you to run from a ghost in search of protection. Ultimately, it comes up to the individual fear of the person involved to decide which they feel is more of a threat should the situation come.





Power Potential

Most people who study ghosts or even have the ability to see them are generally set on the idea that ghosts while they may be the imprinted spirit of a formerly living human have more of a connection to the realm of the supernatural simply because of what they are. The spirit (generally vapor or refracted light based) forms of these previously living souls allows them to exist simultaneously in the realm of material humans and the material world in addition to the second realm which rests on top of or at least parallel to the physical plane that is strictly the area of the spirits which can only be accessed by living humans with a gift for seeing into that realm. The ability to move wherever they like without being sensed or seen by humans or even most other living creatures in a parallel plane then pop into the physical realm whenever and wherever they want is a very impressive power that makes ghosts and all malevolent spirits extremely strong in their own way. Being apart from the human world yet able to infiltrate it makes them a power worth fearing. Vampires have their own type of power worth fearing. The additional strength that allows them to interact with the human realm like they are almost gods (at least Herculean demigods) creates its own issues. While they cannot become invisible to sneak up on unsuspecting humans, the fact that they can overcome physical obstacles (sometimes stories reporting that vampires have the strength to pound boulders to dust with ease or rip apart steel walls or doors) poses a unique threat unto itself. Easily lifting a fully grown adult human and tossing him or her around like a rag doll is one of the favorite moves of vampires to show off their strength and the fact that they think nothing of the human body other than a container of their food source like a human throwing around a closed can of vegetables until he or she pulls out the can opener to feast. Their powers are different but both have positives in certain situations and negatives in certain situations when causing a ruckus for the living.





Magical Strength

Since both vampires and ghosts are considered beings of the supernatural world and are formed or created by some type of magic, they have magical strength that the average human does not have access to—until he or she dies and is either reborn as a vampire or emerges into the afterlife as a functioning spirit. The primary power of ghosts is in their connection to the supernatural realm. While most people agree that ghosts or evil spirits cannot harm (as in physically harm) a human, they can still reek havoc on the mental state of a person. By causing a human to live in a constant state of fear from the next interaction of a ghost that can be anywhere at any moment it wants to be is completely unhealthy for the mental health of any human being. Also, the fact that ghosts tend to inflict most of their pain on humans by inducting horrifying hallucinations or dreams that can quite literally scare a person to death. Vampires have a tendency to vary in their magical talents though. Some vampires that are turned by a more powerful magical being can even be considered more as servants to their creators than anything else. However, other vampires who are independent (created merely by another attacking vampire that sucked their blood as a human and merely infected their physical body to turn them into the undead) can be witness to have extraordinary powers of their own—telepathic, telekinetic, or even clairvoyant. They can use these talents to more easily prey on less magically advanced humans for their food source, or they can even use these powers to interact with other vampires. Therein lies the interesting aspect of vampires. They still retain the human trait of social interaction with their own kind while ghosts tend to be more antisocial except when terrorizing humans who have incurred their wrath.






Who truly can say which is better though? Each creature has his own strengths, but to truly tell of the fear induced by each would only be worth while by those humans with direct contact or interacting situations. Only you can decide which is the more powerful creature but only if you are faced with dealing with one or the other.

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