The Most Haunted Roads in the World

When we think about something being haunted, we think of asylums, homes, prisons and cemeteries. However, there is another place that can be haunted, and there are plenty of examples around the world. It is roads, and some roads have more spirits and ghost stories than most apparent haunted houses. So, what are the haunted roads that you should be aware of in your travels? No matter where you go it seems, on any continent, you are going to come across a road that locals and visitors cite as haunted. Here are just a few.

The M6



According to several surveys, the M6 in England is the most haunted road in the entire land. The road itself has existed in one form or another for roughly 2,000 years and was even used by Roman soldiers during the Roman occupation of England. Not surprisingly, there have been Roman soldiers sighted along the road, walking through traffic, along with a truck driving against the flow of traffic, and a ghostly woman who is very distraught and hitchhiking on the road for eternity. It just gets getting creepy though for those who are on the road, especially at night. Many motorists have reported seeing eyes looking at them from the bushes around Manchester, which is where there was a serious mining disaster many years ago.

Tuen Mun Road



In Hong Kong, you will find the major Tuen Mun Road, which is the most important road on the island and in heavy use. However, it is not just living people who use this road, but the dead as well. There have been many accidents on this road, an immense amount that makes it one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Locals blame the many accidents on the ghosts of the region who will appear out of nowhere in the middle of the road. This will cause the drivers on the road to swerve out of the way, and getting into a serious, sometimes fatal accident. What is making matters worse is that the number of ghosts continues to grow as more and more people die on the road. In many ways, the road is like a zombie virus, killing and adding to its undead ranks and killing more through ghosts appearing out of nowhere in front of drivers.

Stocksbridge By-Pass



Located in England, where we have the M6, we also have the Stocksbridge By-Pass, which is a small road that is the site of many haunting in the area. One story tells of a security guard who was watching the cameras along the roadway and he saw a group of children playing near the road. Not only was this odd because it was late at night, but the clothes the children were wearing dated from many years ago. Going to investigate the situation, the security guard found that the children were gone and there were no traces of anyone being there in the past few days at least. The ground was muddy and there were no footsteps at all in it, which naturally caused the security guard to get a bit freaked out at the situation. It was not just the security guard who experienced this either. Workmen who were staying at the worksite over night could also hear children singing in the night, which itself would be a terrifying experience when you know there are no children around. The appearances do not end there though, another security guard saw a person dressed like a monk standing on the bridge. Thinking the person was going to commit suicide, the police were called but they dismissed the monk sighting as a joke. Eventually the police did go to bridge and found nothing except a very cold temperature in the area, even though the evening was warm and they were in their car. Then, a figure suddenly appeared beside their windows with no head, legs, or arms. The cops tried to get away but their car would not start until the figure disappeared.

Bloodspoint Road



Bloodspoint Road in Boone County, Illinois is a very disturbing and dangerous place to be, but throughout Boone County there are many haunted roads that intersect each other. These roads have been the sites of many disturbing events in the past including murders, suicides, a child that was hit by a train and hangings. One of the worst events was a family that was murdered in the area. In addition, the roads have been the sites of rapes, and children dying on a bus that rolled off a bridge. There was also apparently a witch in the area who hung her children at an old farmhouse. The farmhouse no longer exists, but some drivers have seen it in the field even though later on there is nothing there. With all these horrible events there are many stories these days of seeing children standing on the road, hand marks on cars, strange noises and lights appearing in the trees around the roads.




Going back to England, we have another haunted road. This time it is the A229 going from Kent to Sussex and it is one of the most haunted roads in the country. Many drivers have reported seeing a woman in a white dress appearing in front of their car. When they stop the car, just before hitting her, she will disappear. Most people believe the woman to be Judith Langham, who was killed on the road on her wedding day in 1965. She is not the only ghost here though, including a hitchhiker who can be seen hiking near a well-known pub in the area. When the hitchhiker gets into the car, he will tell you all the things that have gone wrong in the world and how he will make them better, but once you reach a certain spot on the road; he disappears from the seat to start this short journey all over again.

Kelly Road

In Ohioville, Pennsylvania, there is a very strange road called Kelly Road, which is the site of some very disturbing occurrences. The road is surrounded by a very dark and frightening forest and it is said that when animals inter this area of the road they go from calm and quiet to raging and violent. They will often attack other animals, and people as well. Within the forest there are often strange noises, lights and a feeling that something is very wrong within the forest. Rumours of cult activity within the forest have only increased the legends surrounding this very haunted and scary road that runs through a forest that itself is very haunted.

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  1. I have read in many books about the the road called tuen mun road and there are many reports about ghosts being seen in the middle of the road. This is very distracting to the drivers on the road at the time. There have been many accidents on this road but not because of busy traffic. About at least 3 drivers die every day when traveling on this because ghosts standing in the middle of the road. Drives think they are about to hit a person so they sewerve round the ghosts and end crashing into other cars. This explains why a lot of accidents have happened on this road

  2. what about roads from my country, Indonesia? for example, Alas Roban Rd. this road placed in Batang, Central Java, Indonesia

  3. you should study on A64 between scarborough to malton not (york) in north yorkshire england.. heard some rumour while you driving on A64 some how the ghost sit next to you without asking…. not many people would drive in that area after 10 pm

  4. My name is Sandeep Bhattarai .I am from Nepal .the type of incident that have been described above,exactly similar incident occurs too in our country highway.I have found many drivers reporting similar incident at night time.thank you.

    Sandeep Bhattarai April 6, 2014 at 9:58 pm

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