Is “Ghost Hunters” a Sham?

In case you have been living under a rock for the last six years, I will first briefly explain what the television show Ghost Hunters is. Ghost Hunters is a paranormal reality television series that follows Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, and their TAPS crew as they investigate claims of the paranormal. They have produced some very compelling visual and audio evidence in support of the paranormal. Highlights of which can be seen here:

The crew also makes a habit out of trying to debunk paranormal activity by looking for alternate explanations. The TAPS crew has changed several times over the years, and as when anyone is fired from a job the end result usually leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the now former employee.



On November of 2009 former Ghost Hunter cast member Donna LaCroix appeared on a radio program entitled Ghost Divas where she made claims that the Ghost Hunters organization (TAPS) was comparable to a cult. She also suspected that the producers may have staged evidence and that she was often “directed to act” during the filming of the investigation. Highlights from that interview can be viewed here:

What I will be doing is examining LaCroix claims and other claims that legitimately call into question the integrity of this beloved show. I will evaluate claims on both sides of this issue. I will often speak in defense of the Ghost Hunters’ crew, not because I am biased, but to simply be fair as they are the ones under attack. My defense, though, may not hold up till the end. We shall see.

It is first important to note that Donna LaCroix is a disgruntled former employee of TAPS. In the same interview that she claims that the crew fakes evidence she complains of her low pay rate, being mistreated, being depressed, and being almost bankrupt. She blames all of this on her former employer. No one can blame her for being bitter. Getting fired from TAPS is the paranormal community equivalent to being in Metallica and then being kicked out right before they hit it big.


Sorry Dave


Some argue, though, that this bitterness makes her claims of TAPS faking evidence less credible. There is no better way to avenge your firing than exposing that your employer’s profession is a complete fraud. In LaCroix’s defense, I was once fired from an unnamed seafood restaurant in my youth. My immediate reaction to this was to tell everyone within listening distance the disgusting things that occurred there. These disgusting things often pertained to food that was tampered with in an unsavory fashion and then served to customers. I was bitter and angry, but the disgusting things that occurred there were true. So perhaps Donna’s claims are true.


Pictured: Donna LaCroix


Then in May 2010, Donna’s credibility was completely destroyed. Donna began saying that the folks at Ghost Diva twisted her words and backed her into a corner during the interview. She also claimed that they provided her with no help after the backlash of the interview and the resulting backlash caused her extreme stress. Needless to say this did not sit well with the Ghost Diva crew. Also, as a result of the interview, many paranormal reporters and investigators began pressuring her to expand on the cryptic claims she made during the radio interview.

The whole issue was dropped though when it was discovered that Donna had cancer. In her own words she was “facing death”. This would have been the end to this whole ordeal had it not been discovered shortly after her claim that she did not have cancer at all. According to the Ghost Diva website that is not the only thing she lied about. This is from

The FACTS are thus:
1) Donna LaCroix was fully aware of who we were when she agreed to do an interview with us and stated she was “honored” to do so.
2) We did not twist one thing she said.
3) We tried very hard to help her through the backlash of the interview and she constantly told us one thing in emails and on the phone and then did the complete opposite, making it worse on herself than if she’d just left it alone.
4) She owned her own words and said plainly she had no regrets – now she is weaseling out of it.
5) She LIED about having a horrible illness to deflect the TRUTH.

The people at Ghost Diva also have irrefutable proof that Donna lied about all these things. They published several email screenshots on their site that proved that Donna was a liar. With Donna’s moral character called into question many in the paranormal community began to assume that she had lied about the Ghost Hunters’ Team as well. It was now assumed that all the rumors she started about Ghost Hunters and the staging of evidence was false. Her rant was chalked up to the lies of a mentally unstable former employee.

But in the age of the Internet it is nearly impossible to hide the truth. Nearly everyone in the world evaluates the things you do and they can make these findings public by simply putting them on Youtube. A man that goes by the name MovieDan has made it a mission to expose the TAPS crew as frauds, and has been pretty successful in doing so. He has published emails on his site between him and Donna LaCroix where she goes into more detail about her claims against TAPS and the Ghost Hunters television show. Now you maybe saying, “Donna the liar! We can’t believe her!” but there is more.

MovieDan has also posted some very interesting behind the scenes footage from the Ghost Hunters Live Halloween Special from 2008 on Youtube:

My first reaction was to come to TAPS’ defense. This was a live broadcast. Live broadcasts are terribly complicated to pull off and would require some degree of direction in order to capture footage properly, but as the video progressed my need to defend Ghost Hunters soured. The most compelling evidence from the live show is clearly faked. Does this mean that all the “evidence” captured by TAPS is fake? Not necessarily but it kills any credibility they had in the paranormal investigating community, thus any evidence they present cannot be taken seriously. It seems the beloved plumbers Jason and Grant are about as real as fellow plumbers Mario and Luigi.


On the next season of Ghost Hunters watch Jason and Grant squish turtles beneath their feet.


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12 Responses to “Is “Ghost Hunters” a Sham?”

  1. Movie Dan pwned them.

  2. Ghost Hunters has always seemed a bit staged. But hey it's television. In television everything is staged . However some of Movie Dans stuff is pretty funny . He seems a bit soured and like we should all be astounded by his observations. All you have to do is watch a few episodes and you start to get the picture. When its the exact same ” Paranormal Happening ” time and time again. And I can tell you from personal experiance. You can go on a hundred investigations and never get a single incident to report. Amazing how they get them almost every time .

  3. Ah, the things the great unwashed will swallow, eh? How easily a little atmospheric music and basic editing convinces the gullible of the existance of 'spirits'. Frauds, freaks and social misfits. Everything you need to form a ghost-hunting club.

    LaughingSpamFritter January 2, 2011 at 10:03 pm
  4. In response to the comment saying you can go a hundred…..never get a single incident to report. Well I believe, and im not sure about this 100%; but I am under the impression they only pick select episodes that are active, and have a few “lost” and uneventful tapes. Also, sometimes they get nothing on the episodes, That's why they have two different cases almost every episode.

  5. I am a truly a veteran “Ghosthunter” at 73 years old.
    I was doing real  investigations before these guys were born.
    It sickens me to see what is portrayed today as “scientific” ghosthunting.
    I’d love to be with these clowns on their ghostly adventures.
    I’d like to ask them some very basic questions:
         • Why is it when they play back “ghost dialogue” , they are only very brief, like 1 or 2 words?
            Do ghosts talk in single words?  What about full sentences…now that would be amazing, eh?
        • Since they cannot produce a real ghost image, they have to settle on the old reliable
          image…the ORB. These spots have been around for decades and are a byproducts of lensflare.

    A group once visited the McPike mansion in Alton. I am very well acquainted with this once beautiful victorian structure. It is in a reconstruction state today and the owners are trying to raise money by having tours. Ghosthunters to the rescue! The cellar was investigated and produced a swirl of cosmic dust!  Reason;  very old structures have stone residue layered dust and when doors are opened even the slightest draft will cause eerie looking swirls!

  6. OH my God They are so fake its not funny Ill never watched that show again !  they think we are fools im not giving them any ratings >>>>…………………………………………………………………….

    Stephenmcgrath0110 November 23, 2011 at 6:36 pm
  7. To be honest right you don't exactly know if it has been staged or not some people just go on through articles and believe them look if you like to programme then fine if not then don't worry you aint the only one i love the show and don't believe what anyone says about i like it and thats all that matters….just because someone says it staged does not mean it is or is aint you just believe what you want to be told in the end ghost hunters is a really good show and just because maybe some producers made them do it or whatever does not mean that jason and grant are not real people have got to believe them selves what they think of the show which is what i do i love it and i don't care what people think!!!!!

  8. The Ghost Hunter” by Lori Brighton is a very interesting story with an equally interesting cast of characters.

  9. The problem with Ghost Hunters is the background music, especially in supposedly live shows. It actually drowns out the sounds the investigators are reacting too. It’s impossible to tell if they are over reacting or it is legitimate.
    I spent my first 50 years in a very haunted house. I can tell the difference between a house settling or reacting to enviormental changes and real “bumps in the night.” Listening should always be done with minimal ditraction. Quiet actually enhances the experience, no need for violins or horns blarring in life or “reality” shows.

  10. The show is turning into a soap opera and the cast is looking like the Jerey Springer show. Tango and childish Steve giggle and scream like two little girls at a picnic with bugs bothering them constantly. I use to watch the series from the beginning but after the 2nd season I quit watching Grant and Jason’s egotistic crap and fake shots of ghostly activity. They’ll conning the audience and brainwashing fans in believing their false evidence. It is sad and the show must end. The girls whom are part of the crew look like they are Jerry Springer fans. They kiss ass and laugh at Jason and Grant’s stupid jokes. This show is ridiculous.

  11. Wait…she wasn’t fired I thought she left the show because she has cancer

  12. Grant constantly faked things, especially when he had a camera on his room overnight.

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