Energy Eaters: The Different Face of Vampirism

The most common modern mental picture associated with vampires is a breathtakingly beautiful but innately scary man or woman with pale skin, pointy canine fangs, and hypnotic eyes. This physical form is then coupled with an insatiable desire to suck the blood of mortal humans in order to live on indefinitely in their perfect bodies. The recent surge in vampire popularity has led the rise in a small sect of people who wish to get their own energy boost from drinking the blood of a willing (and physically fit, clean, healthy) donor. A medical condition that reduces red cell production in the body or limits the amount of iron or hemoglobin in a person’s system can actually be a logical, scientific reason behind this desire to absorb the blood of another. However, there are other types of modern vampires who do not uphold the tradition of drinking blood of a human. Most real vampires in their small, secret covens actually do not drink blood in order to get the required energy they need from others. Another way to look at it is that an actual vampire is not an undead blood sucker but simply a mortal human that has energy issues and needs to feed on the energy of others just to be normal.



The Psychic Vampire

These special individuals can be called psychic vampires since they mentally achieve their goals of absorbing energy from other humans. Most regular people have probably had an experience with a psychic vampire even if they may not have known it at the time. You are just moving along with your life and run into people who simply exhaust you. You feel all your energy leave the room with them or even can be infused with a sense of depression when these people pop into the room with you and get physically near to you. While the majority of people who make you feel this way are probably just self centered attention addicts or tedious negative complainers, some of them might actually be a psychic vampire—zapping the energy or happiness from your body.



Many of these types of vampires may not even realize what they are doing or what is going on with their interactions toward other people. However, some have investigated the oddities of their bodies and the way they draw on the energies of people near them to discover the truth of their vampiric qualities. Throughout mythology and history several cultures have promoted this concept over many centuries, meaning that there may be early links to modern psychic vampires even though the modern media has only promoted undead blood drinkers as the only type of vampiric parasite. Native American tribes are some of the most prominent believers of real life psychic vampires. The Hopi group of Native Americans located primarily in the northeastern region of what is now Arizona calls these unique people powaqa. A powaqa is technically a sorcerer who feeds on the life force of a human being. This life force also has a name since it is a vital aspect of the spiritual life of the Hopi—the hiksi.

Good or Bad?

Any type of person who can have power over another human being can sway on either side of the good or bad line. Many times the general public consensus is that these people are bad simply because of their needs or abilities. Yet, just like with any other type of power or even “responsibility” a person can be just as good as others can be bad. Psychic vampires can be benign in their interactions with others they absorb energy from by using their powers to focus on getting leftover energy from an object that a normal human had just recently touched instead of drawing directly from the person.



On the flip side of the coin, this type of vampire can be a true needy parasite (both literally and metaphorically since these people tend to be very wanting on their own even without their need for human energy or life force). The true definition of a real and negative psychic vampire is a being who knows exactly what he or she is doing and will use their abilities to attack your life force on purpose to truly fortify himself or herself with your personal energy. This type of psychic vampire is highly aggressive and predatory in nature because he or she feels the necessity of stealing your energy without your permission in order to normally function or to increase their life force to larger than life proportions for personal gain. Most of the time these negative energy suckers like to do what is basically an “energy drive by” where they merely walk past their victim to get close enough to draw energy from the surroundings of the victim or even touch them (just a tap or bump will suffice) to pull directly from the person.



What About Me?

Psychic vampires are out there, and ones who steal your energy without permission to leave you racing into a coffee shop after bumping into you on the side walk do exist. While they are not necessarily hanging around every street corner, there are a few things for normal humans to keep in mind about energy vampires.



Those people who are extreme givers and have a tendency to be the personal doormat can be used as a metaphysical doormat as well. Highly sensitive people are very vulnerable to having their energy drawn away by psychic vampires. These special people have not developed many personal or mental boundaries (one of the reasons why they are so open, trusting, and helpful to others), but the lack of these protections makes them susceptible to energy attacks. Also, those who have what is known as a “leaky aura” whereby you have little or no natural barriers from the everyday stressors that deplete and suck away your energy are practically a gourmet food buffet for negative psychic vampires as they will lock onto you for the simplicity of absorbing your energy and keep feeding themselves with the easy mean.

What About Protection?



There are several ways to defend yourself from unwanted life force siphoning by a psychic vampire. One of the most popular and simplest ways is to keep a quartz crystal on your person at all times as it is supposed to be the equivalent of the undead blood suckers’ bane of garlic but for psychic vampires. Also, the building up of mental barriers through practiced visualization can prove helpful. Picture being surrounded by bright white lights or a shimmering suit of armor around your body and mind to help block unfriendly vampire energy attacks.



Avoiding psychic vampires in general is an easy way to keep these energy suckers from metaphysically pouncing on you. Keep an eye out for people who invade your personal space with intense purpose in their movements to get close to you. Watching out for people who deeply stare at you from any distance. Paying attention to those who stare at you for extended periods of time may even help you get in tune with the psychic vampire to feel if they are pulling energy from you while it is happening. Just make sure that you are monitoring your health (mental, physical, and emotional) since negative psychic vampires go for the weakest beings.

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9 Responses to “Energy Eaters: The Different Face of Vampirism”

  1. I never understand why people call a psychic vampire who takes energy without asking premission “bad” and for example a lion who kills an other animal without asking premission “nature”, psychic vampires who know what they're doing would never feed by touching a person because they know how dangerous this is (imagion what would happen if they place their hands on someone's heart).
    And to prove how nice vampires can be: using crystals doesn't always help, they have energy too, and that can be taken, and after that, they won't protect you anymore, and trained or strong ones can also feed on “walls” and “protecting energy”.
    It's also hardly possible to notice a psychical vampire, only the stupid ones look or stare, I prefere “being interested in my homework” or “paying attention to the person I talk to” while I'm taking energy from someone else

  2. Not all energy feeders are vampires, psychic or real. There are other beings who can feed on energy as well. There are faeries who can feed on energy. I know that sounds rediculous, but its true. And I agree, only unknowing and new vampires will give themselves away so easily.
    Close proximity is a simpler way to take energy. Friends who have the ability to store absorbed energy is alot more helpful.

  3. well if i don't “feed” my stomach starts to burn like its on fire…mostly cause i am still learning to only take what is “needed” to make it go away

  4. Hi, personally I am an energy eater. I live in a small town and no one would sespect me!

  5. ultimately this phenomenon and the physical and verbal/ social abuse that makes people vulnerable to this type of phenomenon are the reason that some people are going postal with all theese shootings.
    as the explosion of vampirism has occurred as a response to increased energy need in order to compensate for the lowered economy which is a result of global trade advantages lost as the world grows back from the world war devastations ( designed simply to gain those kind advantages by the way)
    the reality is that you people are on every corner, in passing cars, a in the neighbors house at school at work and those who have suffered child abuse or sposal abuse or have a genetic flaw have nowhere in this world they can go and b not fell drained. as a result they are geting guns and shootin up the place. societies got herough this it is a sighn of an unhealthy economy.

    psychic vampires are moraly weak people they are not predators they are parasites. the diferance is shown in that a predator is always much fewer in numbers say 6 lions to 600 buffalo. energy vampires are about one out of ten people in active energy absconding at any given time many though are in passive mode being”full”
    it is not food by the way and it is not energy either. it ids God’s soul
    being lost and destined to damnation they are cutoff from higher power they have shut the heart down the heart chackra is what allows energy to come in when all are equally well treated then the door is open and God’s love can feed you. but when you deny God and you deny equality and choose to violate the boundaries of others then you have closed the valve that would feed you. Christ said i will give you water everlasting.
    The vampire is not a proud predator and they are not stronger than their victems thay are simply emptier. thermodynamic energy always moves from higher energy fields to lower energy fields. like when a charged battery is connected to a depleated battery they will become even. the third law of thermodynamics states this. it also the f 5th law states that it requires energy for one energy system to become connected to another. this is why the room goes cold upon entry of a non energy receiver. the soul is what makes is alive and conscious but it is not a discrete “thing” it is more like an electric current. God is the generator and either your plugged in or your not. if your plugged in then you don’t need to be a vampire. what unplugs you is sin. sin is not doing bad things sin is not doing good things. the bad things are simply substitutes for the good things each h of the body relates to a bodies organ heart stomach genitals anus throat brain and the aura which is the skin’ organ with both protection and feeling.
    each of thees organs relateds to a function of the living flaes and soul. each as a healty original purpose genetials are for making love, they are for acting out the sexualoity which is the foundation onpon whichthe identities of personality are built. unhealty sexual activity is that in which there is lust. lust is not sexual desire it is not even horny erotic felling foe weanting sexual activity liust is wanting to be sexual a with someone but having no care for thje welfare of that person. not that one must be responsable but that their best interest is not a consideration in the sexual activity and once that choice is made a person has used sex to cut themselves off from God’s love ( which is the energy you are hungering for) many other social venuses could be used and are the basis for sin relating to other chacras most sins of ab-use of a body organ involve or reqire the misuse of another person.
    the reason people misuse other people is because they are damaged usually by an older abuser as it is a generational sin here. they are told that the genetials are nast y dont touch as childfren they are relegated to constraining gender roles that dont allow a full expresion of their humanity.
    They are told that any sexual though t is a sin as such they are cutoff by a parent or childcare provider this may also be accompanied by corporal punishment which is phsycally damaging and crippiling the the second or geetal chachra. not suprisingly this scenario has happened to about half or the poulation and energy vampires and victems rtend to be about ghalf and half although its about ten percent in activly engaged unwilling exchanges.
    the violation o f the will of the other is a key psycological aspect of reversing the status of a person from being prey ( as a child) to predator. but it is actualy going from host to parasite. since no improving of the heard is involved and t also the parasite is killed when the host dies. but this is only shown to be tru in this case with domestic situaltions in which a parasite has come to rely on a regular easy source and then when that person leaves they are left with less ability to gain a new sourse. in the 19 th centrury energy vampireism was most closly associated with old age diseas and disabilitiey. often an unsuspecting youth being engaged as a helper and then being used in this way only to eiother realize whats happening leave on instinct of displesure or be moved by another more aware adult. only in the 20th century has rthis been gorified as a predation thing or as a being stronger thing. thay wil call good evil and evil good. it is actually a parasitic thing and the overpowering is not based on the srenght of will of the person buyt the facts of how thermodynamic energy is an inviolable law rthat goes beyond anypersons will the vampire simply has no real inner moral resorce or connectiuo to the universes higher levels or those chachras that exist socially beyojund the stomach chachra. th e lower chachras are based ion the earlier species number of organs and their function thees are defiantly in equal in their function the stomach killing its prey. but to become a higher orders or a social species the organs of the heart love throat language or social order and the brain that is conceptual are not based on destroyingg but on colaberation and cionsent . because the parasite is usually damaged in a lower chachra and often at the heart level ( although mental illness and s psychotic lack of empathy are also involved with other levels) they are unable tio function correctly at one level so they misuse and abuse the other chachra in themselves or the other . if we could see more clearly the actual energies being take n we would probably see specific chachras of victims being used ant that relating to an damaged chacra or a incorrect behavior.
    an example would be those that steal penis energy from other men in order to present an erection to females with direct physical stimulate ( other than circumcision) or actually creating any kind of tantric circle with the other person usually because this is precluded by the goals of lust and also that now being several peoples worth of genital energy they are able to absorb the others energy wile not becoming vulnerable ( they hope)
    so in conclusion we see that the cure for all this is 1 to create society in which vampires are segregated from the group and leaving them only with each other to feed off of as such they will quickly run out of energy and the underlying dysfunction eill be reveal. this is achieved by intentional communities which require a unanimous vote for group enty. clubs would black ball people to achieve the same thing.
    futhermore expounding this article publicly will be necessary. it isw interesting to note that often direct violence or greater energy is necessary to get parasite to stop some say that because they can stop at will that it shows their power comes from their will. i cant really see that. any parasite might be able to quit feeding if its life is threatened, a predator provides a positive benefit to the group an energy vampire does not in order to think that it does one would have to view the behavior as an inherent good. the inability to create ones own energy is hardly a benefit. chacrak therapy and kundilini ascension, sin as a psychosis and a co dependent function based on damages that preclude an individuals ability to operate according to the design of the chachra/organ/socoal function na d identifying, correcting and rectifying that are the ket to turning an individual from a parasite to a producer. they are happier by far the problem is that any wound is especially sensitive to pain and it is easier to avoid the pain of working on it tha to work at healing. t its usually an avoidance complex. that identifies the issue often discoverable by free associate to identify specific historical episode that caused the damage and also overt behavior but healing is possible tghe first and most important thing is to recognize that it is a parasitic behavior based ona moral deficit based on being abuse or overindulged or simple;y exposed to the reward system of an increasing ly defunct and moribund society.
    open the door to love based on respect and you will be healed use disrespect to milk to soul out of someone who’s dorr is open to love and you are just going around indirectly getting what you need never admitting the truth that no matter how much you deny the lord you need his soul inside you more than you need your next breath of air! his soul is you are!
    thank you for reading my advice to any vampire is to learn about chacra progression and start . in the end you have to ask yourself where are all thees victims getting all their energy from? if it can’t be made but only stolen then its a close loop in which case everyone would be a vampire. and we are either only shifting it all around and being opportunistic or we would all run out of it eventually which would have already happened by now or its a result of biological metabolism. in which case whats wrong with your metabolism its not as if your a different species. maybe you just need to eat something. try a macrobiotic juice diet eat raw meat like beef liver, or sleep alot
     But yeat another source you have overlooked is hell the center of th earth is hot from the nuclear tetrionic decay o f the earths mantel a truly conscious person must find their place i in hell it is a source of this kind of energy deep within the earth the key is to find the earth root that is independent of someone else’s root to draw off of. this is often the first step of being grounded in order to actually open the energy chachra. each chacra has a paert of the world it is connected to. for example the first chacra is earths center. the second chacra is ( im not telling) the third chacra is the earths surface and sub/top soil the heart chachra is fire and fire lives off of air so its the atmospheres that feed the heart the brain is conceptual ant thats the galaxy that it is grounded to and the spirit is grounded to the universe.grounded means primary resources of this kind of energy .you people are just babies if you get ing it from some dude at the supermarket or a warm chair i know the ones really or some h guys parked car that seems like it might still have someone in iot. its just so silly . by the way the second chacra is grounded to the ocean obvious t hint they both smell like fish they m both make water life comes from the ocean first get the idea how this stuff works. ojk now that you have water everlasting go an s sin no more. burt buddy i gotta tell ya its getting pretty hard to keep my thing goin with you people common up on me all the time and ripping off i have to reconnect all over again build myself up so in not a drain on others its not as if i don’t have my own historical dram ya know. come on dude!. by the way the first chacra may be the anus but it is the soles of the feet that connect that chacra to the earths core. this is necessary before any significant resourcing can be made with any other level to the environmental aspect which ius why you cant right now just suck sexual energy out of the ocean and just connecting to the earth isnt enough ither the top has to be connected to the universe this circuit allows the other to be turned on its basically alot like electricity needing a complete circuit. ` but without respect for others none of this can happen and your just another lost soul limping around and eking a living of of others that are unconsciously a little more rooted.
    I feel the earth move under my feet
    I feel the sky tumbling down
    I feel my heart start to trembling
    Whenever you’re around

    Oh, baby, when I see your face
    Mellow as the month of May
    Oh, darling, I can’t stand it
    When you look at me that way

    I feel the earth move under my feet
    I feel the sky tumbling down
    I feel my heart start to trembling
    Whenever you’re around

    Oh, darling, when you’re near me
    And you tenderly call my name
    I know that my emotions
    Are something that I just can’t tame
    I’ve just got to have you, baby

    I feel the earth move under my feet
    I feel the sky tumbling down, tumbling down
    I feel the earth move under my feet
    I feel the sky tumbling down, tumbling down

    I just lose control
    Down to my very soul
    I get hot and cold all over

    I feel the earth move under my feet
    I feel the sky tumbling down
    Tumbling down
    Tumbling down
    Tumbling down
    Tumbling down

  6. i am a psychic vampire… & i never harm nor kill any living thing (whether an animal or a human being)…

    hve a faster r8 of metabolism / healing, extra strong, cn easily develop muscle even w/o a workout on gym, hve telekinesis & psychic link 2 d 1 i luv,& i draw energy frm nature…

  7. . I give energy, and I feel other people’s emotions. what am I supposed to be?

  8. geuss all healers energie givers are potential psychic suckers,if you can give you can take
    the choise you make on that is of yre own.

  9. I never thought about drawing energy from recently touched objects. I should have, since that’s how some people read energy and past information.
    I do have a problem with energy feeders who take energy without permission, if they take too much. Some will drain a person to sickness, and that’s wrong. If you’re just taking what they’re willingly putting out, that’s one thing, but feeding off someone excessively is a big problem. I’ve even heard people classify it as “psychic rape”.

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