Black Eyed Kids Legend or Truth

Stories about Black Eyed Kids began to appear in 1988, starting with journalist Brian Bethel reporting of a meeting with two unusually confident and eloquent children who attempted to talk him into giving them a ride in his car. In his story Brethel said that he almost opened the door and let the children in until he noticed that their eyes were completely black, with no iris or pupil. As he says, as soon as children realized he sees something odd, they became angry and insistent, and he drove away quickly. In his posting he implies that this children may have been using some mind control method to induce him to open the door.

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Since this post, there have been other reports of similar experiences in other parts of the country. These accounts are similar to Bethel’s in that they generally involve the children’s request for the person to let them inside their car or house, frequently using an excuse such as “I need to get home to my mother,” or something that implies the child is in need.

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If we are to trow away at least 70% of the stories found online about these approaches and take that 30% are some of the truth how can we explain it? There are lot of people who would for their own entertainment or write a story of this kind just to make fun of people who are into paranormal stuff. If we are to look logically into these stories about meetings with these children, we get to learn that all of them were asking to be let in, saying that they can’t get in until they are invited. It seems like, all of the people who are reporting about this unusual encounter, have never let the child or children in because of the fear. There for we don’t know what happens if you invite this kind of a child into your home or car. Going down the logical path, you all know that contact lenses of these kind can be found easily, this is not a mission impossible. But, still, stay logic with me, why would a child do something like this? For a laugh? Still this doesn’t sound right to me.

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The most bizarre contradiction to the story is the fact that Black Eyed Kids are said to give off a frightening vibe. Those that meet them claim to feel threatened, panicked and even disoriented. Some believe that this could be a result of their black eyes, maybe some sort of hypnotic suggestion used as an attempt to convince the person to let them inside their house or vehicle.

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Their persistence to be invited in is a scary one. We must remember that the idea of an evil presence needing some sort of invitation before entering a house (or even a human being) is a longstanding belief in many religions.
Choosing a form of a child is a clever one. Because, people would rather say yes to a needy child coming up in the middle of the night on the doorstep than to a man or women.

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What these children could be? Vampires, human/alien hybrids, lost souls, demons in disguise? None of these are something you can point a finger on it. Can this be a hoax? Did we get any conclusion? Sadly, no, but we’ll look into this and if you had an encounter with these children let as know…

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  1. Is it more to the country side or do these “children” appear in cities? I probably wouldnt be too scared if I did encounter one because it’s 50/50 wether it’s dangerous, but I just feel curious to know more. Funny actually, I have two women’s in my family. Winder if they believe in this sort of stuff regarding woken beliefs. Anything could be out there ;)

  2. I…am not sure if I had an experience with the BEKs, but what happened to me sounds very, very similar to other things I’ve read.

    I’m a veterinary technician. I start work every day at 6am, but since I am fairly new in the clinic, I do not have a set of keys yet, which means I have to wait for the other tech to show up before I can go in. I usually end up getting to work about 5:30ish, and she shows up around 5:45-5:50, which leaves me sitting in my car listening to music or flipping through my E-reader while I wait.

    So, I was sitting there this morning listening to music, and someone knocked on my window. Sure I was startled, but my first thought was my co-worker had shown up a little early. When I looked up, it was two kids-neither of which could have been more than 13 or 14 years old. The clinic I work in is not anywhere near a residential area, or a school, which threw up a red flag. There were no other cars parked anywhere near, either. Both of them were in jeans and pull-over sweatshirts with the hoods up (It was chilly out, so no real suspicion on that level), and they just kind of waited patiently outside my car until I rolled the window down just far enough to talk to them (I had a weird feeling already. Hell no was I opening it all the way). Neither one would look directly at me when we started talking, though. The conversation went a little something like this:

    Me: Hey guys. It’s a little early to be out wandering, don’t you think?

    Boy #1: Good morning. We’re a little lost here. Do you think you could give us a ride back home?

    Boy #2: *stares at the ground, swaying side to side*

    Me: Um…Well, I actually start work in a few minutes here. My co-worker will be here any minute, so I don’t think I should leave.

    Boy #1: C’mon, just give us a quick ride? Our mom will be worried if we’re not home soon.

    Me: I can’t, guys. I’m sorry.

    Boy #1: *angrier this time* C’mon, we need a ride! But you have to let us in.

    Me: …I can’t. There’s a bus station just past that white building across the street. It’s almost time for the first one to—

    Boy #1: *takes a quick step closer to my car* GIVE US A RIDE! YOU HAVE TO LET US IN! WE CAN’T GET IN UNLESS YOU SAY WE—

    My co-worker pulled into the parking lot at that time. Both boys looked toward her, and quickly hurried away from me. They crossed the street and just stood there in the lot over there while the two of us went inside the clinic (and locked every freaking door and window). I checked back about an hour later, and they had left.

    I didn’t see eyes, and felt more uneasy than overly panicked, at least until Boy #1 started getting angry.

  3. That was way too creepy! May i ask what state this was in? I’m curious if theres an area that has had more encounters than others reported or not.

  4. Yeah, it would be nice to know if this is happening more in the country or city areas, and exactly which states or areas these events are happening in.

  5. This stuff is so freaking creepy. Real or not it makes me want to never open my door for strange kids. It just gives you an icky feeling in the pit of your stomach. @amy I would have probably peed my pants if that was me.

  6. The first thing that I thought was alien hybrid children. There’s even a website now for parents of alien hybrid children, that is those unfortunate people abducted by grey aliens with bigger black eyes who also read minds and are impregnated and carry a child to a short term, only to have it taken out at another abduction. On that website there are pictures drawn of these kids. They do have black eyes, but also misshapen heads too. I’ve only studied it since a recent friend has confessed she has been a victim of this experiment. I still don’t believe it but when I heard about this I had to google it and the very first thing was, these are alien hybrid children. But here’s the catch, alien hybrid children do have black eyes, but they also have misshapen heads and would be dressed nicer. They also are very intelligent and very loving. They would never terrorize anyone. So, that’s a conflict.
    Our eyes are said by some to be a window into our soul. I think this can be an accurate depiction of the eyes. When I look into a lovers eyes I can see her heart. It is love, beauty, joy. When a very close friend went into a depression and had a nervous breakdown he felt he was falling into a pit. A dark black pit. When he got to the bottom there was a shiny black door kind of thing and there was black tar all around the ground. He felt that if he went through this door it would be very very bad. It was pure terror and he was thrown into it, curled into a ball, covered with sweat, he came back never going through the door. This is his experience and his girlfriend at the time, who was holding him said she felt the same thing only she was also aware that they were still in the room. So, blackness in the windows of the soul evokes terror. These so called children can’t be alien hybrids. They would not evoke terror like they do. Perhaps these beings are from behind that door? Their soul is of that black and terrible place. This is my intuition based on peoples tacit feeling of terror in the presence of these beings.
    It’s very strange, when my mother was reading about these BEC’s she really got scared and right when she was reading the climax of an encounter something in the closet moved and she just about screamed. She looked into the closet and a broomhandle had fallen over. If these beings just appear out of nowhere then perhaps there are coming into this dimension from a lower one. This would suggest that they can appear anywhere. I’ve heard accounts of people having bad luck after encountering such beings. Well my mom got freaked out when she heard that noise from the closet! She called me later and told me to check out this phenomenon. As I was typing this I was getting a little freaked out. I just heard something move in the hallway outside my room. Is this my mind? I hear some creaking noise from the living room. holy sh_t! Something just made a loud noise in the kitchen!

    I’m back! A lemon just fell off, out of the fruit bowl in the kitchen, up and out of it. It made one loud thump and stayed in the middle of one of the squares on the floor. I tried to reproduce it but it just bounces, and it couldn’t just jump over the side of the bowl… what the heck? That never happens. I’m shaking right now and I have my AR15 on my lap. What the hell. Seriously. I’m going to stop writing now.

  7. Ive actually encountered these kids.
    When i was coming home from the store a few weeks ago it was 10:00 at night and i had just gotten the last bag in the house and i was closing the trunk when i heard footsteps behind me. I turned to face two children looking at me, they were both girls, one looked to be 6 and the other looked to be 11, Our conversation went like this.
    Me: Isn’t a little late for you girls to be outside?
    11 yr old: Can we use your phone we got lost and we need to call our mom?
    Me just realizing they have black eyes: Whats wrong with your eyes do you have contacts on?
    6 yr old: No
    Me:Then whats wrong with your eyes?
    6 yr old: There’s nothing wrong with our..
    11 yr old cuts her off: Can we use your phone or not? Sound frustrated.
    Me thinking of an excuse: My phone got turned off i need to pay the bill.
    6 yr old: No it didn’t
    Me: How do you know?
    11 yr old: Just let us use your phone. Sounding a little angrier.
    Me: Okay
    We started walking towards my house. I ran in and i shut the screen door.
    11 yr old: Let us in to use your phone we can’t come in unless u let us, LET US IN!
    Me: NO!
    I shut the door and ran upstairs terrified thinking they were going to come in. I was so scared I called my boyfriend to come home. I looked out the window and they were standing there looking at my window at me.

  8. You people are a bunch of idiots.

  9. Quite a few story tellers(liars)on here. Keep in mind that the sclera type contacts have been available and used in movies since the 80s. Keep in mind also that the flying saucer and big eyed alien encounters didn’t surface until after they appeared in several magazines and movies back in the 50s/60s. The power of suggestion is amazing.

  10. “If we are to trow away at least 70% of the stories found online about these approaches and take that 30% are some of the truth how can we explain it?”

    How about you start with an actual scientific method? That’s absolutely no way to go about concluding something is true. Something much more appropriate to how real science works is to assume 100% are absolute bullshit until you manage to prove otherwise.

  11. Why does no one call the police? The man that just published the book on one website said that he saw one of these kids trying doors in his area. After approaching the author, who paniced and ran inside he stayed on the street for several more hours.
    My first reaction would be to call the cops if I saw someone trying to get into buildings in my area and then asking me to invite him in. At the very least, it would be the normal thing to do for any child claiming to need help. You don’t have to let them in to make a call for them.
    Just curious.

  12. I was driving home one day it was early evening and i was about to make a right turn and i noticed a very unusual kid about 16 he was crossing the road so I let him we looked at each other briefly from my car.He looked like a “punk”rocker type of kid black hair,straight and bangs did not fit this area. I looked at him in the face he was pale white skin and his eyes were
    black he scared me just looking at him i continued driving home and it left a wierd feeling…very uneasy………..creepy

  13. i didn’t think aliens when i first heard about it on a creepy pasta website. i thought the things were vampires. and not the vampires that date you and sparkle but vampires that rips out your torso and eats your entestine like spaghetti its the classic vampires cant come unless you invite them in. they wear dark clothing to keep from suffering the heat of the sun. you have more likely a chance to see their faces when they have whatever type of head piece off during the night. if you notice their eyes and they get mad, if you are in your car then drive away, if you are in your house dont succumb to their creepy-ness, if you are in your car and one of those things stand between you and your house, find someplace else to stay, unless you are trying to die. maybe there are a ton of things that can be scientificly against this, then tell me, how do things move with no cause, how do sounds emenate from pure nothingness all stories in existence came from some sort of happening. so explain that, at school im a nerd, but i can see reason in these quote on quote fake stories.

  14. There demons, because think about it they have to be let in to get close too you. In all my life i have seen demons ghosts, even some shadow people, but I dont want to see black eyed children. Though Im 14 you will be surprised what shit happens to people at a young age.- Aaron Priest

  15. I was born with black eyes. Blind too. ESP crazy like. Real ones can’t see. But you wouldent be able to tell. No Cain no dog. Get around just fine even in new areas. Trying to find more like me.
    Signed Black eyes in hiding
    I’m at let me know if your out there.

  16. Kids with black eyes threatening/scaring ppl…LOL…are you guys serious? Bunch of weirdos’….oh wait!!!! Scotty’s calling, time to beam up.

  17. Here is my recurring question after reading about several of these alleged Why is it that the second (usually younger) child often seems to be i.e. shifting his feet, glancing around nervously, etc during the encounter? I mean why would any demon/alien/vampire show any nervousness? Could it be that in fact, these are Gothed out, creepy little teens who bought the black contacts and are nervously shifting around on their feet in fear that the jig will soon be up and the jperson they are creeping out will soon realize this is justa creative shakedown? I mean my close friend is a dentist and she tells me she is always getting requests to be fitted with “vampire type” artificial fangs (usually by teen-agers). So why wouldn’t some other posers get a thrill by popping black contacts in their eyes?

  18. I really dont think these kids are that terrible, i mean yeah sure we all get annoyed with others, but what if these kids arn’t really that terrible? I came across the BEK thing friday night and it terrified me, but now im starting to wonder if these kids really are all that horrible? Sure they are creepy, and if they can read minds then doesnt that mean they are more advanced then normal people? I mean they might not be here to kill maybe they are tired of people edging away from them just because of their eyes, i bet if their eyes were normal then you would be more giving. I feel like this whole thing is very familar like familar as in ive seen one before familar but i have barely any memory of being a child even if i still sorta am one (im 15) but i feel like they arnt entirely ‘evil’ just diffrent which means then normal people think of them as evil. Also mike (wrote about lemon falling and being frightened on nov 30) i dont think they are the ones scaring the heck out of you, with that whole lemon thing i doubt they could do that. Its more likely an evil spirit did that than a BEK.

  19. This is a serious warning. Call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth and ask Him to save you, and protect you from all evil creatures including these so-called “children”. They are NOT children. They will eat you alive.

    Concerned One March 4, 2013 at 5:10 pm
  20. I saw a BEK on night. I smashed their head in with a baseball bat. Turns out their eyes are made of black olives. I then made a salad.

  21. Omg you guyd who saw the BEKs I ENVY YOU!!! Your probably thinking “why does this girl enys us?” It’s. simple really ever since I heard of BEK I’ve been trying to see one snd none eould come so I would bie like, “what the heck, why haven’t one come to see me?” So yea that is why I envy you guys who saw the BEKs.

  22. Nipple poop. Seriously though, this stuff creeps me out.

  23. I decided to look up these so- called black eyed kids after seeing it on the badlands episode of “monsters and mysteries an america” on descovery channel…and living in arizona..witch is literally the badlands i feel i encounterd the BEK…but it might have been just some weird kids…it was one night after a play at 17 and go to chandler high school with is the most haunted school in arizona(look it up if you dnt believe me) and im used to some pretty creepy stuff…anyways i was on prop crw for the after we cleaned up i started walking like 10 @ night…i was walking with earphones in and i had this wierd feeling of being follwed, so i quickly turned around and saw two kids with hoodies..but the thing was..they werent creepy black hoodies..the younger looking 11..had a light blue hoodie…i couldtnt see their faces but i knew the one with the light blue hoodie was a girl cause she had long blonde ponytail poking out of the side..the other one was a lanky looking 14 year old mabey and his hoodie was dark green..anyways they were walking behind me so i didnt think anything of it…so i turn onto my street and i still felt them there but closer..i came up to my house and i was taking the keys out to get in and i turned and they were like suddenly in my drive way! So i asked them if there was a problem and the boy spoke. He asked if i had the time and i looked at my watch and told them. Then the littler girl said “oh. Well can we use your phone ? So our mom could pick us up?” i was about to say sure but i felt kinda uneasy…i mean they both gave off wird vides and they were both smilin weirdly but they still had theyre hoods on and porch light was offso i could only see theyre mouts under the crappy steret light..i couldent see theyre eyes…i had gotten the door open and before i could say any thing the guy liked LITERALLY cocked his head to the side and said ” your a good singer..would you sing to us?” i was like WTF?! Yea i do sing and ive been told im good… Mabeyhe guessed or said the first creepy thing he could think of idk…but i stood there i was now standing in the doorway..the little girl then asked “so can we come in and use your phone?” and i decided to make an excuse i was now legit creeped out..i told them my landline was off for now and i didnt have my cell..the boy frownd and claimed i was lying..and the girl said like a little louder “can you let us in to call our parents? Its cold out here miss!”..the softly and so sadly she said please again i just shook my head..”sorry guys” then i closed the door..i waitd and counted to 10 mississippi and then i peeked out the front blinds and they were both still standing theyre still as statues staring at my front door…then the guy looked over at the windows and his eyed looked straight black…idk if it was because it was dark or my mind was playing tricks on me but it scared me to death… I counted 5 more mississippi then i looked out and they were gone..i even walked outside and looked down either side of the street..they were gone…to this day it creeps me out…but no i didnt go annoying jesus freak bible waent that scary…lol

  24. My problem with this is–why do they only try to get inside of something people own: a car, house, etc.? If it’s a legitimate being, then what’s the point?

    If it’s something more paranormal, then it’s metaphorical? To get access to your soul? Why not just walk up to someone on the street–there’s got to plenty of early morning joggers and walkers to bother?

    It’s suspect at best.

  25. I live in northwest Iowa and I saw this on the monsters and mysteries in America and I’ve researched this a little the home is a place of love, and according to some people is a place that tells a lot about you, they get acess to your home and they have acess to you. I think truthfully that they are vampires, because they can’t come in unless you invite them, and they have light hypnosis, this could also be the base for the vampires “myth” i hope. If not i have a 12 gauge calling their name, but I also believe they could be demons that WANT TO eat your SOUL or that could be their motive, but they could also be like evil angels, and I’ve been looking I don’t think that these are something good because they stun you with dread and dogs hate them, they try to get away. Any questions

  26. Wonder what would happen I they sneezed an you said “bless you”

  27. I am terrified after i had a c-section with my daughter and had to get a blood transfusion i decided to take a bath….as my husband was preparing the water i turned around and saw a little girl about 8 yrs of age with white hair pitch black eyes and a white dress like gown…i emdiatly gasped for air and for the first time was so frightenes that i peed,with in seconds the little girl vanished and i told my husband what i had seen and he had told the nerses but they told me i was just tiered…thing is i have seen her more than once i have also seen her in a hotel and my new appartment diffrence is i didn’t oinvite her in she invited herself…i don’t know if near death or the fact that i have messed with ouija boards and darck magic are the reasons but i am terrified my daughter is now 6 months old and i am now 16 weeks pregnant can she be after my children ? This thing is no good its pure evil after being possesed once befor ik evil when its near

  28. Look the people saying this shit is fake and why don’t we call the police i told a nurse and she did npthing I’m terifide for my life and my children’s i want to know what this girl wants and if u have to invite them in then how is it she managed to get into my hospitalroom my hotel. room and my new apartment and y do i only see her when I’m getting ready to bath and y hasn’t she said a word to me can anyone explain ??! I need answers did anyone else have a near death experience or play with witch craft shit while younger??? I’m going out of my mind here and what brought me to this sight is i whent on google and typed up has anyone ever seen a little girl with light hair a white dress and pitch black eyes and it brought me here normaly i don’t do thos but if any one that is serious and not hypicritical who belives me and don’t think I’m crazy please email me…

  29. ok the alien impregnation legend is just idiotic anyone who believes it is seriously pulling at straws they impregnate someone then take the baby out before it comes to term thus leaving no proof for someone to hop on the internet anonymously i may add and go ooh this happened to me

  30. I was leaving the gym all swole and veins popin anyways, as i was walking to the parking lot there was people talking but i never loooked back it was around 10pm, i sat inside and was having problem getting the seat bell across my huge chest and as i looked up there was 2 kids one short one decent size i would say like 7 and 12 boys, had black jeans on and black hood they just stood there i got out and was like bro do you even lift?

  31. @Mike from Nov 30, 2012, after reading your post a few things came to mind for me that I wanted to comment back about, despite your post now being 5 months old and you probably won’t see this, oh well.

    Personally, I’m a man of science. I took as much physics and earth sciences and math classes as I could in college along with my major studies, and I still spend a lot of free time reading and learning about new discoveries and try to keep up with the scientific world. I work in emergency medicine, as well. So I have a hard time rationalizing and explaining things that just seem too out there to possibly be true; such as purported encounters with ghosts, demons, apparitions, Sasquatches and humanoid monsters of the woods in general, alien abductions, and Black Eyed Children.

    My skeptical mind wants to deny the existence of these types of things out right, my logical mind wants to rationally explain them according to known laws of the universe, and my wild imagination wants to hang on every word of these stories and grow wide eyed imagining them in my head. So it’s a battle of sorts, which usually results in my general position that some of these types of things CAN indeed be logically explained with known and understood science, some of these things CAN exist but we currently lack the knowledge to understand how and why they do, and that some of these things almost certainly don’t exist and are either mistaken identities, mild hallucinations exaggerating something real that someone sees due to extreme stress and pure panic, though through no conscious effort on their own, strictly involuntary. Of course there’s also the last option of pure fabrication or hoaxing, which sadly does happen quite frequently for reasons I’d like to know, working in medicine myself. I’d really like to understand the psychology behind that someday, maybe we eventually will.

    Anyway, it’s easy to (for some people at least) write off accounts of things like alien abduction and impregnation when you don’t know the person at all and hear about it on TV or read it somewhere. Obviously, it’s wise not to believe everything you hear second or third or even more hand. But when it’s someone you know, and know damn well and have for a long time, it’s a lot more difficult to discredit them when they insist on their story and you can tell it’s clearly effected them in a major way. They’ve changed after the event, due to it being so traumatizing or because they doubt their own sanity, or because of the burden they have of keeping the horrible secret, and the fear of judgement by their peers or actually being judged if they go public. To continue this changed behavior after an incident like this, for years on end, they’d have to be PRETTY DAMN committed to the lie, and considering hardly ANYONE ever benefits from these stories, I just don’t see the positive side or reward of acting for so long. It doesn’t make sense.

    As far as the lemon falling in the kitchen apparently by itself, as bizarre as it seems, and was an especially frightening coincidence when you were writing about this and already creeped out, it almost certainly was a natural event. Strange as it is, I have also experienced things falling seemingly for no reason around me in my house, such as actually a banana off the top of my fridge. I’m thinking as the fruit breaks down and starts to go bad, it’s weight and structure changes, and added to that it may have been unknowingly in a precarious position already where just the slightest introduction of force would release it’s stored potential kinetic energy, causing it to fall to the floor due to gravity, of course. Weird, I know. And in quantum theory, there’s nothing that says all of the atomic particles in the object cannot suddenly move in the exact same direction, causing it to move on it’s own, but mathematical equations predicting the possibility of that for even a small object say that the odds of it happening even once would require more time than the universe has existed for already and probably will exist for…in other words, not bloodly likely, but what if some of them moved at once and it was enough to throw it off balance? I’m purely speculating here, but it seems plausible maybe?

    At any rate, if I were you, I’d be sitting with my AR-15 in my lap as well, and that was what I wanted to comment on more than anything before I started wind-bagging. What scares the crap out of me most is that I have no idea if that weapon can do anything to protect me. I’m not some tough guy, but I don’t FEAR a human or animal attacker. We know what laws of physics they are bound by, we know their anatomy and physiology and understand what they are capable of. We know we can defend ourselves in different ways for different situations.

    However, if things like Black Eyed Children are real, if spiritual entities exist, if pure evil in the form of demons exist and something like BEC’s are not of this world or dimension or whatever, how do you protect yourself? How do we know what they are capable of doing, and doing to us? How do we know what their intentions are? I’d imagine that bullets would do nothing to stop them, nor would a knife or a fist or anything else handy other than a ghostbusters plasma rifle pack and suction containment unit, haha, right? And I don’t have one of those on hand.

    I think that if Sasquatch or one of it’s variants does exist, and with SO MANY reported encounters and sightings, it’s hard not to think that it might at least be possible they do, especially because in this case it would be a flesh and blood creature that doesn’t have to defy any laws of the universe to exist, that if it does exist, this raw terror we experience when encountering something that’s not supposed to exist is responsible for no one yet having shot a Sasquatch and brought it in for evidence. And maybe even why there aren’t any crystal clear up close photos or videos of it. Certainly the same case with Black Eyed Children, I can’t believe anyone experiencing that kind of terror would stop to grab a camera.

    The truth is, we’re not a terribly technologically advanced species, yet we think we are. We don’t understand everything yet, there’s a LOT out there we have yet to discover and explain. We’re in our infancy of becoming explorers outside our own little planet, and haven’t even yet found all the species of life in the deep unexplored jungles and deep oceans. The truth is out there, waiting to be found, but in the mean time we are arrogant to think that we know about and can explain and understand everything. Paranormal events, I’m convinced, do indeed happen. I don’t believe every story I hear, but if even ONE case or story is true, then it’s proven this stuff DOES happen and DOES exist.

    As far as BEC being alien hybrids, why not? Is any explanation really any better than any other when we’re dealing with something we know NOTHING about, basically? To be honest with you, as a science man like I said, I do believe in intelligent, and I mean VASTLY superiorly intelligent, aliens existing out there in the cosmos, and most likely using technologies we can’t even dream of or imagine on our wildest days. Technology that they can use to pass through vast amounts of space and time to reach our little planet, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t have peeked in on us already. Why they would abduct people instead of just enslaving us all I do not know, but again, we can’t even imagine their thought processes or plans or reasons for what they do I’m sure. So why not, it’s entirely plausible I think that people could experience interactions with them. Again, I’m always skeptical and look for any reason to explain a situation rationally, but sometimes you just can’t, and sometimes the witness is just too believable to deem them a liar or a nut.

    We’re just discovering nanotechnology and stealth, how much further along do you think an alien race would be who was at our stage of technological development a few million or even billion years ago? Uhhhh….yeah. To think it’s impossible for them to come here undetected to all but those they wish to show themselves to and leave only stories behind, no evidence, is crazy. Hell, a US Navy SEAL team can accomplish that already, basically.

    So the stories of people so frightened by something they cannot explain that they flee in terror for their lives, or hole up in a defensible position with an assault rifle, those creep me out, I won’t lie. The possibility of an encounter with a real BEC is frightening to think about. But what scares me even more than the stories about these things, is the stories that AREN’T told about these types of encounters – that aren’t told because there isn’t anyone left to tell it. Someone who let them in one night and we don’t know it, and all we know is that the person is missing and has never been found. Or was found dead and an autopsy revealed nothing unusual and no apparent cause of death, or found the cause of death to be a massive heart attack in an otherwise healthy individual with no signs of heart disease. A heart attack brought on by a MASSIVE release of adrenaline, effectively poisoning the heart muscle and others with this lethal overdose their body released, apparently due to facing a situation so terrifying that they technically died of fright through that process. It happens, for real. I’ve seen it.

    In animals it’s called capture myopathy, and was first learned about decades ago when catching timid and easily frightened, shy wild animals in their environment, perfect example being mortar netting shore birds on the beach. Biologists found they were too difficult to capture with hand nets, and the only effective way is to rig up a large net to a series of mortar tubes planted in the sand. When the flock is in the target area, the mortars are fired, the net is propelled at very high speed out over the birds, and as they lift off, it comes down on them, pinning them to the ground. Between the noise and the net, it’s apparently quite scary for them.

    But it’s not always just shy jumpy little things that World War II explosives are used to snare, sometimes larger animals suffer from it as well, and it even happens in primates. So then, is it a stretch to imagine that if a monkey can be scared so badly when being captured, by unknown things called humans that they’ve never seen before, that it gives them heart failure almost instantly, that the same thing could happen to a human being faced with nearly the identical situation? Being captured in some way by an alien or a Black Eyed Child, be it capturing your soul somehow or capturing your mind or just your whole body?

    I wonder if any missing people are missing as a result of a paranormal encounter like this and not through foul play or an accident by humans only. Possible? I’d say so. In this universe, basically ANYTHING is possible, and almost NOTHING is purely, legitimately IMPOSSIBLE.Just try disproving the existence of something and you’ll see how hard it is vs. proving something’s existence. There are things out there we do not understand, and maybe should not at this stage in our development and evolution. Like Fox Muldor always said, the truth is out there. We just have to find it and hope it’s not scarier than fiction.

    Sorry for the lengthy lengthy comment, I had just been thinking a lot about the subject and needed somewhere to get my thoughts out of my head, and this seemed like a perfect place. I’m no expert. I’ve had a couple encounters with what I am now convinced were ghosts, but that’s it, and this is just my thoughts on the whole subject of BEC and other paranormal events. Thanks everyone for your comments I enjoyed reading them.

  32. My brother encountered one of these thinks. You can say im lyin but He was really scared and he is 18 and going in
    to the army

  33. This is my story…
    I was between 18-19 years old [I am 35 now]. I was riding shotgun in a close friend’s vehicle [a blue Nissan hatchback] and we were driving through the city. [We became friends when we were both 13 years old. Also, another quick side note: he was the smartest of all my friends and practically a genius in any endeavor]. Both of us were wearing dark sun-glasses and smoking cigarettes [he was driving]. Suddenly, the cherry of my friend’s cigarette broke off and fell into his lap. He quickly took off his sun-glasses and looked down towards his lap, seat and car floor. I remember kind of laughing. When I turned my head to the left to watch him frantically looking for the burning cherry [the cherry is the red, burning tip of a cigarette], I noticed something I will never forget. My friend’s eyes were completely black! Like 2 black pearls. I immediately had chills run down my spine and I was overcome by a feeling of overwhelming panic and terror. After watching him for maybe 15 seconds, he was finally able to put out the cherry which had burned a tiny hole into his pants. I fake laughed and tried to act completely normal. I turned my head so that I was looking out the windshield straight ahead. He put his sun-glasses back on and we continued driving. From then on, his eyes seem to be normal. Although I have never mentioned to anyone what I saw that day. Until now…

  34. I saw one too but instead of black eyed children, it was a black eyed adult. I was 5 yrs old and it was around 2 a.m. I remember I was coloring in the living room and my mom was with me waiting for my dad to go home. She left to go use the bathroom and I was alone. Then I heard her calling me from the bedroom. I went and stopped at the door and I wouldn’t go in because the room was pitch black. She asked me to turn on the lights and the only way to do that is going in the room and turning on the lamp on the other side of the room because our light switch was broken. I was too scared to do that so I asked my mother to come out of the room. She didn’t come out of the room but she came out just enough so I can see her face from the dark. And I panicked. She wasn’t my mom. It was a lady who looked around her 20s and she was wearing a long white night gown and she was holding a lit candle. Her hair was black and it reached to her hips. She had pale white skin and her eyes were blacked out. I just stood there in shock. She looked at me then smiled. Then she asked me in my mother’s voice if I wanted to go somewhere fun with her. I didn’t say anything and then she extended her hand towards me. I looked at here eyes and I started walking towards her. And before I could place my hands in hers, my mom came in the room and she asked what I was doing there. I looked back at the lady but she had disappeared. And I looked around and found myself in the opposite of the room. That was the last time I saw her.

    From the website, it says that they asked to go in your house right? But what happens when they are already in your house? Was I about to be spirited away? I still don’t understand this.

  35. Seen 2 children in my friend house who I was staying with. they were already in the house and only one looked at me & he had an erie grin and blackened eyes. scared me half to death. Don’t know what or if it meant anything. This happened about 10 years ago. and still don’t understand why if any reason that I seen them. Just hoping for some clarity.

  36. To all people who think it’s just kids with contacts, if you actually READ the accounts some of the “kids” look to be as young as 6. HOW COULD A LITTLE KID GET CONTACTS LIKE THAT?!!! There’s no way their parents would buy them black contacts OR EVEN LET THEM OUT ALONE AT NIGHT OR ANY TIME FOR THAT MATTER!! Stop being so closed minded and actually think about things before jumping to conclusions!

  37. I am something of a collector of folklore, and have heard often of these Black Eyed children. I have never encountered them myself. There does seem to be a number of factors that are constant between witness statements though. I would venture to guess they are similar to “hollow ones”. If anyone knows if they have been witnessed while not on a road, I would like to hear about it.

  38. I believe in the paranormal however I must have concrete proof that there is no other explanation for an occurance. These BEK’s are a little hard to believe. A lpt of kids now a days hear urban legends and try to recreate it striking fear among communities for pure fun. I am not saying it’s impossible…because techincally anything is…but it is hard to believe.

  39. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH YOU BETTER READ THIS- okay they are not human obviously they are slaves from reptoids ( IF YOU DONT BEILIEVE THIS THEN think about this humans and dinsours are created god made us we will see new creations right) THEY ARE ALIENS there mission is to clean it up other words as in rip out your soul and they say we were sent to get you. they can read your mind if they get to close to you you get super dizzy. OKAY PEOPLE THIS IS COMING FROM A 10 YEAR OLD. WHETHER YOUR YOUNGER OR OLDER dont let them in houses cars what ever stores restraunts i dont care AND IF YOU WANT THEM TO GO CALL THE POLICE FAKE CALL THEM OR USE THE POWER OF GOD AND MAKE THEM LEAD WITH WORDS use a weapon if they hurt you and ive had dreams about them JUST BECAUSE I didnt lock my back door they are real and they arent humans

  40. What a load of rubbish. If it happened to me I’d kick it a good one in the groin then watch the little green twerp writhe in pain. Get the hell offa my property, grub.

  41. My older sister believes she encountered these children…. we live in the UK, both in our twenty’s and not fanatics of any kind.
    She was taking a short cut down an alley near her home, not a scary abandoned alley but a private road with old victorian houses. Walking past one of these houses she glimpsed a lot of young kids in one of the front rooms. She said they all looked alike and were all of similar ages – with jet black eyes. They all stood staring out at her through the window. Needless to say this scared her and she hurried home. Our family and i have always laughed at her, we told her she was imagining things – she was adamant she was not. She won’t walk that street on her own now and i myself have seen nothing unusual while walking past the same said house – there seems to be an old woman living there alone. I didn’t know whether to believe my sister but now that i have seen these posts i am not so sure, seem to be many people experiencing the same things.

  42. I had a creepy incident like that, I work security for a major hotel branch in california, as i was doing a patrol in the parking lot i got a call from the front desk saying that two children are harassing a guest to let them in, i got to the third floor and at the i see the children i approach them but when i get just close enough to notice their eyes were all black they turned and ran to the exit stairway and started chasing them but when i got into the stairway i heard no sounds of running which was strange because they didnt have time to reach the next level and bittom, i didnt even hear any of the doors open or close, i decided to make a search of the whole property but found nothing, we had camera’s in the hallways and stairways so i decided to look at them and all that was on them were me chasing nothing and in the stairways all it showed was the stairway doors opening and closing and nothing else. The guest said what she saw were 2 children around 10 years and thier eyes were all black and decided to call the front desk and complain, other guests in the hallway said they heard childrens voices as well

  43. I saw a thing on t.v. that postulated the BEC’s were to counter the benevolent goodness of the star children,the ones with supposed alien DNA, which could make sense, I guess, if you believe in that sort of thing.

  44. I ran across this recently not with a child, but with an adult – my boss. He was staring at me from about 10 ft away and his eyes appeared completely black with no iris or pupils. I kept staring at him and his eyes didn’t change. He finally broke the stare after about a minute, and when he looked at me again, his eyes were back to normal. This freaked me out. It was 2 weeks ago and it still bothers me.

  45. Black-eyed children were first sited as early as 1950.

  46. My niece saw them last night on her porch and was scared they stood there lookin in the windows of the doors

  47. Im sorry but all of the storys that i have been reading about these bkack eyed kids just kind of freaks me out a little bit. I know that i have read 4 stories so far. And i am seriously afraid to even go out at night anymore. But what i dont get is if people are just now talking about them. Why havent we ever head of them before. And how come no one can explain them to would think that you would have heard about them long before now if they really exsisted. Maybe they do exist i would just love to know more about them. Im just not the type of person that will go out and and search for them.

  48. I have heard this story over the years and happened to see it on the Destination America paranormal show the other night to refresh me on it.

    If these things are real, they need a new act.

    In this day and age, it seems even 5 year olds have cell phones. Everyone needs them for emergency possibility. So the old, “can we use your house phone” routine really doesn’t work. And like many I know, I don’t even have a home phone! I haven’t since 2012. Everything is by cell phone.

    I was a huge fan of shows like “In Search of”… “Sightings”, and Coast to Coast AM growing up. So I have heard reports of women abducted by grey aliens and impregnated by them forced to have “hybrid babies”. Maybe these kids are some of those results. (All assuming those stories are true of course)

    And here’s another key question! Where are they getting their clothes? Are they wearing outfits of past possible victims which would have to be kids their age? Are they shopping for themselves or stealing from stores and no one seems to notice the eyes?

  49. If the little buggers turned up at my house I’d give them a couple of extra black eyes each.

  50. I don’t know if these BEK’s really exist, but I’ve had a few weird experiences that make me question whether we know or understand everything in our world. I’m not prone to hysterics, but about 15 yrs ago I had come home 30 mins early. No one else was home, my 19 y/o son that lived with us & 21 y/o daugther who didn’t live with us were both in New Orleans on vacation together with group of their friends, my husband wasn’t expected home from work for another hour. The night before I had told our son to make sure he closed his bedroom door before he left early the next morning so our new kitten would not get in there and poop on his things. He left around 4am and when I got up to get dressed for work and was going out the door I walked past his door and it was closed, but when I got home early and unlocked the front door and walked in, I immediately saw that his bedroom door was open, so I called out to see if he decided not to go to NOLa after all, no answer. So I think to myself I must not have noticed whether it was closed that morning, knowing in the back of my mind I damned well saw it was closed! I was sort of freaked out and left it open. Anyway, I go down the hall to my bedroom and change out of my work clothes, as I’m naked, I hear a door slam shut! I open my bedroom door and our kitten is in the hall wither her hackles up (scared shitless), I call out for my husband, whom I assume has come home early too, no answer. I walk down the hall and see son’s bedroom door is closed! I think about running out the back door so I don’t have to go by his door to get to front door, but realize I’d have to jump the fense since the gate is locked, so I grab the cordless phone by the back door and dial 911 as I run out the front door (it was still locked)! I ran to a neighbor’s house, I don’t know him but know he works nights so he’d be there, he was nice enough to come back to my house and go through every room b4 the police get there. I also called my hubs and tell him to get home, NOW! The police get there and go through the entire house and nothing! Nothing missing, no one hiding, and of course look at me as if I was insane. My hubs arrives w/i minutes and I tell him what happened, he goes over every scenario and I kept saying NO, the door was not open that morning, no, the a/c ‘wind’ did NOT blow his door shut (this never ever happened b4 or since), no, I didn’t imagine hearing a door shut! What freaked me out is when I thought about going out the back door, I could see it and tell it was locked, and since it’s a sliding glass door, there would not have been a sound of a door shutting if it was that door, and as I went out the front door to call the police, the front door was still locked from when I came home (I always lock it behind me when I come in). So where did the ‘intruder’ go after slamming the door to son’s room? I would have heard 2 doors shut, not one, and if he went out the front door, how would it have been locked after he left? I was totally convinced that whomever it was was hiding in our attic since the only access to our attic is in our son’s bedroom. Hubs checked and there was no one up there. Of course that night I called my kids in NOLA and creeped them out by telling them about it! They were staying at some old scary hotel and they were all drunk and could not believe I called them since I did not know which hotel they were staying at (I knew one of their friends worked at a hotel and since I had worked at the same hotel in the past I knew they probably were staying in the NOLA hotel for free) – still creep them out though. To this day I still don’t know WTF it was, but my daughter has always felt one room in our house was haunted and she hates to go in that room (not the son’s bedroom, but the room I had been changing in that day). It’s the coldest room in the house, even when our a/c went out 2 summers ago and our son, his wife and their baby lived with us, I brought son’s wife, then son into this room to show them how cold it was (the rest of the house was 100 degrees), daughter-in-law asked how could this be, was there an a/c in the attic, I said no, it’s always cold, she freaked out. I’m sitting in this room now and it’s freezing, even with the heater on in winter here, the rest of the house is cozy, but it’s freaking cold in here!

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