Black Eyed Kids Legend or Truth

Stories about Black Eyed Kids began to appear in 1988, starting with journalist Brian Bethel reporting of a meeting with two unusually confident and eloquent children who attempted to talk him into giving them a ride in his car. In his story Brethel said that he almost opened the door and let the children in until he noticed that their eyes were completely black, with no iris or pupil. As he says, as soon as children realized he sees something odd, they became angry and insistent, and he drove away quickly. In his posting he implies that this children may have been using some mind control method to induce him to open the door.

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Since this post, there have been other reports of similar experiences in other parts of the country. These accounts are similar to Bethel’s in that they generally involve the children’s request for the person to let them inside their car or house, frequently using an excuse such as “I need to get home to my mother,” or something that implies the child is in need.

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If we are to trow away at least 70% of the stories found online about these approaches and take that 30% are some of the truth how can we explain it? There are lot of people who would for their own entertainment or write a story of this kind just to make fun of people who are into paranormal stuff. If we are to look logically into these stories about meetings with these children, we get to learn that all of them were asking to be let in, saying that they can’t get in until they are invited. It seems like, all of the people who are reporting about this unusual encounter, have never let the child or children in because of the fear. There for we don’t know what happens if you invite this kind of a child into your home or car. Going down the logical path, you all know that contact lenses of these kind can be found easily, this is not a mission impossible. But, still, stay logic with me, why would a child do something like this? For a laugh? Still this doesn’t sound right to me.

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The most bizarre contradiction to the story is the fact that Black Eyed Kids are said to give off a frightening vibe. Those that meet them claim to feel threatened, panicked and even disoriented. Some believe that this could be a result of their black eyes, maybe some sort of hypnotic suggestion used as an attempt to convince the person to let them inside their house or vehicle.

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Their persistence to be invited in is a scary one. We must remember that the idea of an evil presence needing some sort of invitation before entering a house (or even a human being) is a longstanding belief in many religions.
Choosing a form of a child is a clever one. Because, people would rather say yes to a needy child coming up in the middle of the night on the doorstep than to a man or women.

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What these children could be? Vampires, human/alien hybrids, lost souls, demons in disguise? None of these are something you can point a finger on it. Can this be a hoax? Did we get any conclusion? Sadly, no, but we’ll look into this and if you had an encounter with these children let as know…

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  1. I’ve always been a sci-fire nut. My dad got me into star wars in kindergarten. Babylon 5 in middle school. Next Gen in elementary school, etc.

    This incident however, happened before I had ever seen any sci-files or ghost stories (unsolved mysteries with Robert Stack). I was about 4. My grandfather had just built me and my sister bunk beds. Her being the oldest, she always slept on top. One night I begged and begged and begged and she let me sleep on the top bunk. I was like a kid in a candy store. Had my teddy, my blanky, and a few other stuffed animals I could never sleep without. I dozed off to sleep.

    Some crazy hour of the morning I half wake to hear, “Amy…Amy!” Thinking it was my sister, I bend over the rail to see the bottom bunk. My sister is sound asleep. I lie back down and close my eyes. Again I hear “Amy….Amy!” I just lay there trying to catch my sister in a trick. “Let’s go play” Then something touched my shoulder. It was cold. It was painful, like lightning coursing through my shoulder. The pain startled me so much, I rolled over to see a young girl, maybe a year older than I was at the time. She had short platinum hair and black eyes. She was sitting on my bed post in a white shirt or gown. Terrified (being 4), I couldn’t even scream. I hid under my pillows and blankets as long as I could. I got curious and looked again in a few minutes and she was gone. I was so scared, but I was too afraid to wake my sister or yell for my Daddy. Everyone would tell me it’s a bad dream and that would be that.

    Was it a bad dream? Maybe. I did have night terrors as a child. My parents were getting a divorce and I only had my dad and siblings. I also had a mild fear of the dark. All of which could be reasons for this. Like I said I was 4.

    However, another morning, about dawn, several years later, as I was sleeping in my bottom bunk (I refused to sleep in top bunk ever again), I heard my bedroom door open. I got excited thinking it was my Daddy coming to wake me. I rolled over to look at the door and the same girl was there. Again I freaked and hid under my pillows and blankets. Too terrified to scream. I guess I somehow thought being silent and out of sight would somehow make it better. I then heard my bedroom door close. After a few minutes I peeked, nothing but an empty room. After these experiences though, I can’t quite explain, I’m not the same person I was. We all change as we grow yes, but I very strongly believe something happened when I looked into her eyes, and then looking in them a second time, and hiding under my blanket, I either had a dream or hallucination of this girl transforming into me and taking over my body. I’m not saying any of this is reality. I was young and going through a lot of things emotionally at the time… but I used to be brave but timid…. after these experiences I became very withdrawn and had trouble making friends or even communicating with my own family.

    Still can’t explain it all… still wonder to this day if it was in my head… or not. Instant terror though, as soon as you see those eyes.

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