Best Ways to Get Rid of an Evil Spirit

Every culture over every time period has stories of the spirits that roam the earth. This constant in human civilization leaves no room for doubt on the presence of spirits of the dead coming back to the human plane as an ethereal existence. According to all the stories, folklore, and witness testimonies, the world is full of spirits. Their method of interacting with the human world differs from spirit to spirit as well as their intentions though. Some are evil. Some are benign. Some are indifferent. However, the manifestation of a spirit who wishes to do harm to the living or is intentionally being a bother to living humans does happen from time to time. At the worst it can lead to outrageous fear and trouble and at the least annoyance to the humans the spirit chooses to haunt. Here is a list on how to get rid of any pesky spirits that you wish would leave you alone.

Holy Water

The idea of using blessed water, whether by a Catholic priest or merely the head of a Wiccan cover, is a very old belief. Water is thought to be one of the neutral elements which can act as a transitory plane or a barrier. Its ability to cleanse and wash off anything that sullies the body in addition to its necessity for all living creatures makes most cultures believe in the sacredness of water in general. If you add the consecrated quality that is innate to water to a divine blessing of sorts, no matter what religion you prefer, you will create a naturally powerful element which will protect you against all types of evil spirits. Once you have your water blessed by the religious official of your choice, merely wet your fingers with the water then spread it across the top part of all the thresholds of the haunted room—doorways and windows. The barrier created by the blessed water should keep out the evil spirits at each of the room’s entryways.



Banishing Ritual

The idea of a banishing ritual is seen throughout history and across the globe. Any culture that has a strong belief in malicious spirits and their ability to interact and affect the living has a type of banishing ritual. However, modern Western culture has designated most banishing rituals as a pagan custom. Spells that banish can vary greatly even from person to person. Yet, they can be relatively simple. The easiest way is to write down the problem on a piece of paper, being as concise and specific as possible. After focusing deeply on the problem written on the paper, you must burn it. Most people prefer to burn using a white candle or by lighting the paper and placing it in a white bowl to allow it to burn in a controlled setting.



Protection Herbs

The mystical use of herbs in certain settings and for certain reasons has been used for centuries. During the Elizabethan era of Tudor England, it was common place to use herbs rather than flowers during ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, or elevations of status to bless the special occasion. However, the meanings and specialized uses for particular herbs varies over the entire world and over time. To suggest for helpful herbs though, here are some useful herbs from different cultures from history to try out on your malevolent ghost. Even though most people think garlic is merely for vampires, it is actually a protective herb for all evil spirits. All you need is a single clove (not a giant bulb) placed at points of entry that need protection, doorways as well as windows. If you are the particular subject of the spirit’s actions instead of just the room, feel free to keep a clove in your pocket. A bag of protection can also be made from herbs that will be helpful. A small amount of cinnamon, five-finger grass, ague weed, and sage in a pouch that you place at thresholds or carry with you will most certainly protect from evil spirits. Sage in general is renowned for its ability to cleanse any malicious presences. Merely burning sage in a doorway and windows of the haunted room are thought to provide a very strong barrier for particular evil spirits while allowing good spirits to pass.



Counting Remedy

Many people feel that spirits, particularly evil spirits, must perform certain tasks when they are faced with them. One of these tasks to be performed by ghosts is the activity of counting individual grains. The type of grains—seeds, sand, beans, or rice—are generally not what is important. The number of the multiple particles is what you really want to bring attention to. It is said that the spirit is forced to pause and count the grains of the spilled substance. Having a great many of them in one space and the inability to pick them up as they go, the spirit gets frustrated with having to start over and over again and will soon give up and leave your house all together to haunt someone who does not require them to count meaningless molecules. Merely spill the grains of your choice in the haunted room every night and clean up in the morning. Tales indicate it should take less than a week to get rid of a spirit this way. If you don’t like the idea of having to clean every morning though, keeping the grains in a clear vial or tube that you hang in a doorway or window is thought to be just as useful.




Salt is very prevalent in folk remedies. It is thought to have the same purifying and cleansing properties as water. Just like water, some people prefer to have it blessed before they use it. Once blessed, or even not, make a line of the salt at the threshold of your door and windows. The salt on the floor or ledge of these entryways will keep any spirit from entering your room. If you perform this act at entries of the entire house, the whole residence is assumed to be protected from entering spirits—whether they are vindictive or neutral. Sea salt is the favored type even though table salt can work on its own.




Since the majority of spirits that haunt the realm of the living used to be humans themselves, they are probably haunting for a reason. While it may seem silly, acting as a type of counselor to this evil spirit can put the ghost at ease and allow them to pass on to another plane of existence or at least to a state of peaceful being so that they do not wish to bother the living anymore. This can be achieved several ways. Straight forward meditation then asking your questions allowed is the simplest way to speak to a spirit. If you use this method, you’ll probably want to stick to “yes” or “no” questions so that the spirit can answer easily. Ouija boards can be used to talk to the spirit as long as you specific that you are requesting the spirit who is haunting you. You must specify you are asking for the bothersome spirit or you may end up solving a problem for the wrong spirit or calling an additional bad spirit into your home. Ouija boards must be used with care.



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  1. …..Hello, my name is Kandi J. Grow. My people call me, K.J. for shirt. I am a Medium… have been for as long as i can remember! I hear stories of me watching Angels with i was just days old? I also, know my mother recieved plenty of “DONATIONS,” off me reading Tarot, or even a Reg. deck ofplaying cards when i was hardly big enough to talk. My church turned me into a Healer of the sick- a servent of god for all people. I didn’t mind helping the people who came from far and near! I enjoyed being needed. So, i have been known my whole life for being, “THE GIRL WITH A TRUE GIFT!”

    Kandi J. Grow July 31, 2013 at 5:52 am
  2. PLEASE HELP…. my cousin has two baby boys and for a while now the babies which are 3 and 1 year old kept coming to her saying mommy raw raws in there she thought for a while that is was just them being scared and wanting to sleep with her… thats when it all became bad a couple of weeks ago her and her husband were in the kitchen she had the youngest baby on her hip by the ice box and her husband was by the kitchen door on the other side of the room is where their sink is when she turned to walk towards her husband something hit her on the back she turned to see if maybe the babies foot just hit her back when she turned she noticed a spice bottle directly behind her Her husband called her a liar and walked off then the other night her mother called my mother and said she needed to come see what was going on at my cousins they had 5 people in the living room watching Tv no one else around and out of the blue they heard a crash in the kitchen they ignored it for a few mins then my cousin was struck on the side of the head with sylver ware ( forks and spoons) for some reason whatever is in her home is severly mad at her and its causing her alot of mental and physical harm she needs help please please please someone help before it hurts her or the babies

  3. One day my brother was urinating under peepal tree and after 2 days he was caught by some evil spirit and that spirit is harming him so plz tell me what could i do

  4. Thanks for the advice, I’m gonna try the garlic.
    Last night this bad or misunderstood spirit somehow made a deep scratch in the middle of my forehead as I slept on the sofa. I woke up & went to the toilet/bathroom and saw blood on my forehead in the middle.

    My wife was sleeping in the bedroom and said she woke up(half awake) and heard heavy breathing next to her on my side of the bed, she thought it was me and put her hand over thinking she would touch me but there was no one there cause I was sleeping on the sofa in the loungeroom. Over the 5 months we’ve lived here we’ve heard voices like someone imitating my wifes voice & my voice, also regular strange flicking noises in various parts of the ceiling.

    I know this is not the norm for a spirit being able to scratch my forehead and cause it to bleed, have you ever heard of this before?

  5. i need advise. I have been living in my home for 11 years now. when my husband and I and our then 2 year old daughter moved in everything was fine. when we had our son when we brought him home from the hospital that’s when everything started. it lasted for about a couple of years then I got so tired of it because it just got worse and worse that I finally sought help and had the house blessed. things seemed fine but still felt uneasy. it started again about a year later tried to ignore it (and still do). finally sought help again and had the house cleansed. still nothing and actually since cleansing it has gotten worse now is attacking my daughter in her dreams and my son can now hear it before it was just my husband and I that could hear and see them now there messing with my kids. I do feel that it/they are demonic or evil. they will hold you down and not let you up, will not let you in the house, and cause evil, horrible, awful nightmares. I would really like all the advice I can get. any would help. thanks in advance.

  6. Good eveing. I live in Fort Lauderdale and I believe there are demons in my house. tHings keep going wrong in the house over and over since i bought it almost 3 years ago. I had a ghost in my prior home and a cultist got rid of him Unfortunately she past. Can you give the name of a person in the dae-broward area that can help me with this? Thanks Mike

  7. Help me and my family get rid of demons in and around my home, I feel I have them in my mind I want them gone please . I feel just when i feel good that they are their. I t make me crazy help me please

  8. My best friend has lived in a condo for the last few months now and awhile back she started telling me and my mother that she thought there was a ghost here. Well “he” (we assume, either way we’re jus going to refer to it as that) started to get more active, to the point of grabbing her shoulder, opening and slamming cabinets in the kitchen, and making thuds upstairs in the kids room. Well very recently it stated to get worse, they moved the baby’s (16 months) crib away from the wall because he moves in his sleep and it was hitting the wall, well one night they heard a loud shaking noise went up the stairs and could see his crib literally being shook so hard with him laying wide eyed and then started screaming.he didn’t want his mommy or daddy when they took him down stairs. He’s grabbed her foot while they’ve been intimate, and he has even began to mimick her little girls voice and say come here come here!!!! We have no idea what to do and it’s traumatizing my poor little nephew, please help tell me what to do!! Email me with ANY INFORMATION!!! or

  9. Hi,
    I have a problem. You see, a few weeks ago, we were at a grave yard and my cousin fell over and hit his head on a grave stone. He went to hospital and got a fe stitches but he seemed fine. Recently, he has been screaming in his sleep about a woman called Agatha, screaming at her to stay away.
    My family just ignored it, but I ant back to the grave yard, I pass it everyday on my way home. I saw the grave stone, that he hit his head on, and the name was Agatha Medows. Is the ghost of Agatha Medows possessing him??? What should I do to help???
    Thank you so much,
    Cecilia Young

  10. I have an evil spirit that follows me where ever I go… I think this spirit is very angry for some reason, but he is also destroying my life and my families…two of my kids are addicted to Chrystal meth(at a stage where they want to kill them selfs)..the other son I have nearly lost through a bike marriage is falling appart..there is just constant fighting and financialy we loosing all the way, also material things.. I’m praying,started with mantras..I am open for any “Religion’s” help…Please this started eight years ago.. this past two years has been bad,bad,bad!!! I am fighting to keep my family together.. everybody is just fighting (my grandkids age 10 and 11 stabing each other with knives.. All I want is love and happiness in my house and our lives…PLEASE HELP ME!!! Mentaly this thing is breaking me..

  11. My friend has several spirits thinking Indians they speak different languages and she has lived in her home for 11 yrs ppl have had encounters with it and visitors feel uneasy and lots have encountered them what could b done she will not leave her house she wont let the evil (devil) win

  12. One thing the article forgot to mention: call a good priest of your religion and ask him to sanctify your home. It’s better that he performs any banishing rituals that are necessary and then blesses the house. I read all the comments and all I can say to the people that are having a problem with these trolls is this: CALL A PRO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! He will be able to handle it much better. Don’t wait around until it get’s worse.

  13. Hi I have a strange question. My girlfriend and me were walking out of the kitchen when she screamed and bent over in pain holding her back and shoulder. After having a look she has lots of small scratches on her back and a deep one on her shoulder. Can a spirit inflict these kind of injuries? We have seen shadows move in the hallway past our open bedroom door and heard footsteps and movement in the house also while everyone is in bed as well as kitchen lights flickering for no apparent reason. Anyone have any ideas as to the cause and better yet any ideas to stop this? Thanks

  14. At the year of 2007, i went to my village, i saw 1 man skull in village i scared at that time. After came to my home, i felt little strange i forget something, everytime i feel that. In the year of 2008, when i sat in my class some wind (hot air) entering in my body with abuse word. That time i wasn’t feel anything, but after one month when i sat in exam hall, i feel the bad movies came in my mind and i could not write properly. After some days i was understood some evil spirit took possession of my body. Most of time i saw her in my eyes, that is a lady(evil spirit), because of her i m not concentrate in my life. I badly hurted because of her, i tell her plss go from my body, because i m man not women but she is not leaving from my body. Need concentration because exam is near. Plss help me

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