5 Real Life Zombies

The thought of our bodies walking around and operating without our personal conscious or as the more spiritual believe without our soul is an idea that has intrigued and captivated the minds of human beings for centuries. Whether it be the living-dead and body snatchers of Hollywood movies or the stories of voodoo priests using potions to turn rivals into mindless drones to do their bidding, myths, movies, and stories about zombies have been a mainstay in human culture. But the idea of our bodies walking around without freewill or after we have passed may be closer to the realm of the natural than we all thought.

1. Zombie Spiders

We have all been in the situation where we see a hideous bug in our sink or bathtub and instead of squishing it we take a more timid approach and turn the water on and drown the pest. Imagine you try to that and you watch the ugly sucker spin down the drain. You return to the bathroom later to make the horrifying discovery that the bug had returned from the dead. There are two possibilities: either you have a bathroom infested with bugs or you are dealing with a wolf spider, whose appearance is even more terrifying than its name.



Scientists at the University of Rennes in France collected 120 Wolf Spiders and submerged them underwater and waited for them to die. After all signs of life left their little spider bodies (some stayed submerged for 40 hours) the scientists laid the corpses out to dry so they could later weigh them.

A few hours later the spiders rose from the dead. Even though they were not craving brains, the spiders still appeared to be zombies. When threatened with drowning the spiders enter a comatose state where their metabolism virtually stops and all signs of life cease (the description of this comatose state sounds like death). After things get dry they awake and carry on with their business as if nothing ever happened.

2. Zombie Wetas



The weta is s large insect (some species growing as large as 4 inches long) that are native to New Zealand. They have a very painful bite and can inflict painful bacteria laced scratches with their spiny legs. Their physical appearance is cricket-like but with a few distinguishing features. These creatures mere existence is terrifying but combine that with the fact that these insects are undead and you have one formidable zombie bug.

The tree weta have a protein in their blood that prevents water from freezing. Weta can survive being frozen alive for months at time in temperatures as low as -10°C by putting themselves in a suspended animation, like Sly Stallone in Demolition Man.



This is an impressive feat, but it is also important to note that while in this suspended animation the weta’s heart and brain dies then recovers upon thawing out. This bug is technically a zombie.

3. Zombie Roaches



The jewel wasp is a solitary wasp that is known for its bizarre reproductive practice. The wasp stings a roach, herds it like a sheep into its nest, and then proceeds to lay an egg on the roach’s abdomen so its little baby will have plenty to eat upon hatching. So how does this relate to zombies?

The jewel wasp systematically stings the roach in the abdomen. This temporarily paralyzes the roach’s front legs so the wasp can now finish its work. Next, the wasp stings the roach in the brain. The venom of the wasp then disables the roach’s escape reflex getting rid of the cockroach’s will to live.

The wasp has created a zombie roach, but it is not done. Eventually the roach can walk again, but now has no desire to run from the wasp. The wasp then begins walking the roach like dog using the roach’s antenna as a leash. What happens next is perhaps best described by science writer Robert Zimmer: “The zombie roach crawls where its master leads, which turns out to be the wasp’s burrow.” Once there the roach allows the wasp to lay an egg on its abdomen. Then the zombified cockroach quietly sits in the wasps burrow and awaits the egg to hatch. Once the egg hatches, the wasp larva will live inside the roach until it emerges from it as an adult. Good luck getting to sleep tonight…

4. Zombie Caterpillars

In the movie Alien, The extraterrestrial species featured lives out a larvae stage inside a host until it reaches another stage and bursts free from the host. What if I told you that Alien is based on a true story and the true story is a bit more horrifying than what was featured in the movie?



Glyptapanteles is a species of wasp that lays its eggs, sometimes as many as 80 at a time, inside a caterpillar, and to ensure that the caterpillar’s red blood cells does not kill the larvae, the mother wasp also injects a virus that occurs naturally in their bodies into the caterpillar, disabling its immune system. The larvae are then free to grow and they eventually chew their way out of the caterpillar. It gets better.

The caterpillar does not die. Instead it spins a coocoon over the wasp larvae to protect them so they can finish developing. The caterpillar also sticks around and protects the cocoon from danger. It’s as if the larvae are somehow controlling the caterpillar’s actions. Even more eerie is that the caterpillar dies at almost the same exact time the adult wasps emerge.

5. Zombie Humans



I don’t mean metaphorical human zombies like in the sense that we are all zombies because we lumber about our daily routines, go to our nine-five jobs, come home, go to bed, and repete. Even though that is a great subject for a poem, I mean literal human zombies!

Clairvius Narcisse was a Haitian man who was declared dead on May 2, 1962. His two sisters, Marie Claire and Angelina, buried him in a small cemetery near his hometown. 18 years pass and his family has carried on with their lives. Angelina is in the marketplace of her village when her deceased brother approaches her and introduces himself. How is this possible?

Certain kinds of poisons, like the secretion of a Japanese blowfish, can put someone in a comatose state and make them appear dead even to a doctor. Narcisse had ingested some poison like this and when he slipped into his death-like state was buried. Then someone came and dug him up. Upon awakening he was giving doses of a “zombie powder” which contained the drug Datura stramonium. The drug puts the user in an emotionless, trance-like state, but the user can still perform menial tasks. In Narcisse’s case he was used as slave labor on a sugar plantation. He was a zombie-slave for 18 years.

You don’t like zombies of the voodoo variety? Are you disappointed because when you read “Zombie Humans” you were hoping for overly aggressive, mindless killing machine as seen in almost every zombie movie since Night Of The Living Dead (1968)? Well don’t worry because human zombies like that are not out of the realm of possibility.

Seretonin is a chemical in our brain that helps keep us calm, but according to one scientific study done with mice, it also keeps us from being aggressive killing machines. A group of scientists created a group of mutant mice whose brains lacked the receptors to process seratonin and this resulted in the mice acting overly aggressive toward other organisms. Now Imagine a virus with the ability to prevent human brains from processing seratonin.



You could also imagine a parasite that takes control of our brain and makes us do unimaginable things. Not possible you say? Evolution tells us otherwise. Spinochordodes tellinii is a parasite that gets inside grasshoppers and releases a protein that interferes with their brain and makes them commit suicide by downing. Euhaplorchis californiensis gets inside the brain of killi fish and makes them swim and flop around on the surface of the water so it is more likely for it to get eaten by a bird. There is also a parasite that some scientists believe already changes human behavior.

Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that is normally found in cats. It gets there by getting into rats through the filth they eat. It affects the rat’s behavior by making them friendlier toward cats so they are more likely to be eaten by said cats. Once inside the cats it begins reproducing (sounds like a morbid Dr. Seuss book). The parasite also gets inside humans and causes no physically harmful effects, but according to one psychological study it does change our personality. The study found that people tend to get more insecure when infected with the parasite (perhaps this explains emo kids). It also changed the personalities of men and women differently. It made men more jealous and suspicious and made women more affectionate.

How long before a parasite evolves that changes human behavior a bit more drastically? Perhaps a parasite that turns us into undead, cannibalistic killing machines…

Author: Jonathan Kaulay Copyrighted © paranormalhaze.com

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  1. That's carl Zimmer. http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/loom/2006/02/… He helped me with a two posts on the same subject.

  2. I knew my zombie survival plan wasn't just a waste of time

  3. i like the last one with the parasites: no physically harmful effects, but according to one psychological study it does change our personality. The study found that people tend to get more insecure when infected with the parasite (perhaps this explains emo kids). so all emos are living with parasites in them? xD

  4. Another note about Wolf Spiders; they can also walk on water. Discovered this little tidbit in the deep-end of a pool one summer.

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  7. I can imagine a deasise that can take over your mind and body movments because of a unabliity to prosses seritonin. Its called OCD (or POCD is more along the lines of what this is.)

  8. I thought zombies were real all along I was just 'preparing' for the apoc. i got a kit and everything

    Zombie Killer June 3, 2011 at 3:36 pm
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    Tyler Tylersthebest Perry June 14, 2011 at 8:48 pm
  10. theres never going to be a widespread infection transmitted through bite so bad that we have to fight to live but there are definitly some type of a living dead

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    i know this sounds crazy, impossible, and completely unbelievable, BUT IT ISNT CRAZY WHEN ITS TRUE

    you have to spread the message!!!
    the world has to know about this!!!!

  12. i think there are such things as zombies to my name is Christian and i am 8 years old i looked up a zombie website please reply as soon as you can.

    Rochelle Lusher August 13, 2011 at 12:01 am
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  22. stop being such sissies zombies aren't real there's no such thing as zombies those pictures i just saw are fake i printed them and gave them to a friend of mine and he told me 7 days later that they were fakes if you believe in zombies your an idiot and plus if you watch any zombie moviesm they're just messing with your brain if you have anything to say to me look for me on facebook

  23. i really agree with you there are no such things as ZOMBIES

  24. I’ve read some of the comments it strikes me as funny that people didn’t read the entire article they didn’ say that zombies are the stero typical movie zombies, they are just showing some animals that have zombie like charateristics like the hati zombies is there a way to kill off 99% of brain functions to the point where our bodys just run? Why not isint this what they used lobotamys for back in the day to try to cure mentaly insaine people? Thing is we don’t know what types of viruses or bacteria this country or other countrys are developing all it takes is one mutated form of the mad cow disease or something like it and we have 28 days later rage maybe not the ripping people apart to eat their brains, but an uncontroled human being who could spread an infection and unleash a torrent of crazy people. Just think about it ;-)

  25. Zombie Apoc-Possible. Zombie existence-definitly. As many people are just brainwashed, by Hollywoods depiction of The Undead, they won’t give up on thinking zombies r fake. This article proves a really good point, especially w/ the bringing up of Clairvius Narcisse & the use of tetrototoxin to induce a paralytic & comatose state, then wakin him up in2 a mindless slave job. My favourite undead animal was Wolf Spider. This one was pretty Hollywood, you know? With the host pronounced deceased, only to rise from the dead l8r on, love it. Oh, and for all you people saying Zombies aren’t real, have you even read the evidence here? If not, why are you on this site? Any way, real nice evidence here, keep on writing. And for all you S2B (Survivors 2 be), keep on livin!

  26. You have your contagious infectious viruses like swine, west nile, bird flu etc. combined with deadly disease like hiv, cancer, aids. You got a pretty contaminated zombie right there.

  27. hey if you guys dont believe in zombies, why were you on the site in the first place? You know what, YOU guys go and get a life. I really hate your pissy comments.

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  29. Maybe we are all already infected with something and what if whatever it is, is what makes us, us? Wouldn’t that be interesting?

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  32. wow some ppl r crazy… I myself am a zombie fanatic and my husband and I r total zombie apoc pros lol we have seen every zombie movie/show to date, obsess over AMC’s The Walking Dead & we def will be one of the last ones standing when the apoc goes down! I doubt it will be a ‘brain eating’ zombie apoc but with the viruses and everything else we already have and who knows what is being manufactured as we speak, there will def be some sort of outbreak eventually and i can say we r prepared. It wouldnt be a bad idea for everyone to have some sort of survival plan/kit prepared! U can say we r crazy or whatever… And i can laugh in ur face when the shit hits the fan! Great article btw

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  42. All of this is about people that have repressed anger issues that need and needed to take their anti-psychotic medications.

  43. It’s quite obvious that most of the people are comatose,on life support ventilator.Some of the people are mobile, meaning they are zombies. Metaphor has become indistinguishable from literal,world has gone to dogs though dogs have become considerate.

    Vivek narain May 7, 2013 at 9:34 pm

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