10 Famous Ghost Pictures And Their Story

Ghosts are notoriously camera shy. More times than not when someone claims to have photographic evidence of a ghost it is usually a Photoshop job, trick photography, or it is “orbs”. Orbs are actually just a light source reflecting off dust, bugs, or precipitation that is in the air and the only way your camera knows how to deal with this reflection are the balls of light that one often associates with orbs. Some photographic evidence of ghosts does exist, however. This photographic evidence has stood up to scrutiny and stood the test of time.

1. Group Photo



A squadron of the Royal Air Force assembled to take a mundane photograph, but after the picture was developed the squad quickly realized that this was no ordinary picture. Standing behind one of his mates was the two days deceased Freddy Jackson. Jackson was a mechanic for the Royal Air Force and served onboard the H.M.S. Daedalus. He had been working when we was killed in a freak-accident by an air plane propeller, but Jackson did not let his death get in the way of him showing up on time for the group photo two days later. Several of the other men in the photo confirmed that it was in fact Jackson’s face in the background of the picture.

2. The Lady of Bachelor’s Grove



This photo was taking at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Illinois. While it does not get the press that Illinois Resurrection Cemetery does, many experts in the field of the paranormal consider it to be one of the most haunted graveyards in the world. So what is so unique about a photo of a women sitting on a stone in a graveyard? According to the people who took this photo the woman was not there when the picture was taken. The photo was taking by Mari Huff who is a member of the respected paranormal investigating group Ghost Research Society, so this helps lend some credibility to the story. In my opinion, it looks to be a staged photograph but I definitely think the photo’s authenticity is worth a debate.

3. Cowboy Ghost Or Mysterious Stranger



In 1996, Ike Clanton thought it would be a pretty cool idea to deck himself out in cowboy attire and have his friend snap a picture of him while he stood in Boothill Graveyard in the famous Tombstone, Arizona. Upon examining the picture Clanton noticed a man in the background of the photo that was not there when the photograph was taken. Clanton was intrigued by this and set out to recreate the photo with a friend standing in the background and discovered it was impossible to recreate the picture without having the legs visible.

4. Spirit in the Woods?



This photo was taken by Reverend R.S. Blance at Corroboree Rock near Alice Springs, Australia in 1959. In the woods with branches in front of her appears to be a transparent women. If a photo like this was taken today one would likely think that it was a fake ghost picture created in Photoshop, but Photoshop didn’t exist in 1959. Double exposure is also unlikely given how visible the areas in front and behind the women are.

5. The Fire Girl



On November 19, 1995 Wem Town Hall in England caught on fire. The fire raged on all through the night until the building was nothing but rubble. As firefighters battled the flames, a local citizen, Tony O’Rahilly, decided to snap some pictures of the event. In one of his photographs there appears to be the clear image of a little girl standing in front of the inferno. No one remembered a young girl being at the scene and there was definitely not a young girl in the burning building. Some believe this is the ghost of a young girl named Jane Churm who, in 1677, accidentally started a fire that destroyed many homes in the town. Jane also died in the fire. Perhaps the photo is just smoke creating the amazing illusion of a girl or perhaps it is a real ghost.

6. Ghosts Don’t Call Shotgun



The year is 1959. Mabel Chinnery had just spent the day at the cemetery visiting her mother’s grave. To finish off a roll of film she snapped a picture of her husband who was seated in the front seat of the car awaiting her. She had the pictures develop. While looking at the photographs she makes a chilling discover. In one of the photos her deceased mother is sitting in the backseat of her car.

7. Monk In Church



In the summer of 1954, Reverend K.F. Ford was taking pictures of his church that is located in England. While snapping pictures he accidentally captured one of the most famous and perhaps undeniable pictures of a ghost ever taken. In the picture is what appears to be a monk with a ghastly face. The photo has been examined and it was determined that it is neither a double exposure nor had the negative been tampered with.

8. His Favorite Chair



Have you ever had a favorite chair or perhaps a preferred spot on the couch that is just more comfortable than the other areas of the couch? So did Lord Combermere. Lord Combermere unfortunately got hit with a horse drawn carriage in 1891. During his funeral his family hired a photographer to take some family pictures. His burial took place over 4 miles away and while the family attended the funeral the photographer prepared the camera. When the plate was developed it appeared that the apparition of Lord Combermere was sitting in his favorite chair. Perhaps the coffin wasn’t comfortable enough.

9. Brown Lady



This photograph is considered by many to be the most famous “ghost” photograph. It was taken in 1936 at Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England and still today cannot be explained. The photogenic ghost is thought to be that of Dorothy Townshend who lived in Raynham Hall with her husband, Charles Townshend, in the 1700s. Legend has it that Dorthy was a mistress to Lord Wharton and Charles found out about it. He then imprisoned her in a remote section of the Hall until she died from his abuses. Legal records show she died in 1726, but many believe this to be a sham, as Charles wanted people to believe she was dead, so he could punish her for her infidelity.

10. Stairway to the Afterlife



In 1966, Rev. Ralph Hardy visited the National Museum in Greenwich, England. While in the Queen’s House section of the Museum, Hardy snapped a photo of the beautiful staircase. Upon developing his photography Hardy made a shocking discovery. One of his photos showed a ghostly figure climbing the staircase. The figure was not in the photography when Hardy took the picture. The photograph and the negatives were examined by experts, some of which were from Kodak, and all have concluded that the negative was not tampered with nor is it a double exposure.

Are these ten photos proof that ghosts exist? Is this proof of an afterlife? The problem is that there is always room for a hoax or accidental fake when one does not have multiple witnesses and insurmountable evidence. These ten photos are absolutely amazing, regardless. Some of these pictures have undoubtedly given even the most hardened skeptic goose bumps and I don’t believe they should be simply written off as fakes and ignored. These photographs should continue to be examined and researched.

Author: Jonathan Kaulay Copyrighted © paranormalhaze.com

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  1. Half of the pics in on this page are for sure photo shopped

  2. I believe they were there and they are real. I have taken photos and they have appeared in mine around where we live. also some weird things do happen around here, where u feel as though there is a presence about you.

  3. And you are ignorant and foolish to believe that there isn't. Being closed minded is half the problem with this world, good job adding to the  negativity. Also, why the hell are you reading it if you don't believe in it? Just trying to find something to bitch about? Grow up

  4. They didn't always have color photography dear. There was a life and people before your digital camera, IPad and IPhone

  5. i have one it look like this but u see somthing coming out of my body

  6. I have to say the pic of the “Fire Girl” is interesting, but I can tell you that she is dressed in clothing/hairstyle more appropriate to the 1910's…the bow in her hair, the low-slung sash— I don;t think this would have been “Jane” from the 17th century at all…

  7. I have picture. idont know who would be inter3ested I took it on Friday. 8/5/2011. You clearely see the girls face. And another picture when she leaves the room. Please contact me at edgar_d@sbcglobal.net

  8. Yeah except that wouldnt happen…… Any 'experience' you or anyone has had is useless as evidence unless simultaneously experienced by someone else… Even then for the entire world to believe it based on your word is stupid. Science is the study of whats actually there and does not become science until it is backed by evidence that is replicated numerous times by other scientists. Evidence is the word… to believe anything without it is primitive. I believe there is an afterlife because it makes me content to believe it… but I know damn well that all current evidence points to the opposite. Until proven, believe but admit that its equally as intelligent to believe in the imaginary friend your child has.

  9. “Call a priest to bless the building”… yep and there goes your credibility

  10. I cannot believe how disgusting,and rude.I am sick and tried of men like you,well not a man but a boy bc true men to not talk like this.You are very trashy and have absolutely no class.I am reporting you and anyone who abuse the internet like you do.They have sites for people like you,go there and write this trash!!

  11. dude, shut up. you're not being cute or funny. nobody here wants to here that crap. if you want to say that kind of stuff, go to a different website. geez, retard.

  12. ya its nice i lik gosht

  13. Photo 4 is very similar to one I took some years ago of a creek. Two shots had clear image of a woman.

  14. I have a picture id really like for some to checkout i have always thought these kind of photographs were fake but i have captured a picture about 5 years ago that was just brought to my attention 2 weeks ago

  15. but buddy there is no ghost in this world , only human is dirtyest  animal in this world

  16. I have experienced some things in my life that say ghosts are real.

    George Vreeland Hill

    George Vreeland Hill February 17, 2012 at 3:25 am
  17. The fire little girl is a hoax. I have read somewhere on the internet. Unfortunately I cannot recall the scourse of the photo which was given by the gentleman who found it.

  18. The fire girl isn’t a ghost. It was proven to be a fake.

  19. I saw all the photos. I never believed in ghosts and spirits and I do not believe now and hope so I will never believe until I see a ghost with my own eyes. I have to say about the photographs that they are either tricked photographs or a figure of dust or fog. The people who took the photographs had said that these things were not their when the photograph was taken. When I saw I had to focus very hard to find these things their. It could be photographers mistake. And about the spirits in the wood I must say that the camera would have low clarity and the lady would be walking with an high speed.

  20. Hey every one I have seen ghost many times . They don’t hurt us untill u do something foolish.

  21. Stay alive, my friends. Death sucks!

  22. i like all the pictures and if you don’t than don’t say anything. It bugs me when people don’t beleive and they rub it in.

  23. i agree with kelsi!

  24. They do exist, i dont know this all is real or fake but there is some super power ..

  25. I do believe in ghosts, I don’t now what they are, but two of my friends have seen a ghost ,both are guys and very grounded one being a Grenadier guard the other a no nonsense business man.

  26. the girl in the fire picture is a fake. the image of the girl was from a postcard in the earlier part of the 1900s. just google wem fire postcard, and you’ll see proof.

    a few of the other photos are fakes also, like the squadron one and the woman in the back seat of the car. someone simply made us backstories about the photos, when in fact they are regular pictures of regular people.

    as far as backstories, the one about ” his favorite chair” is also fictitious. of course, the backstory claims that the picture was taken of Lord Combermere during Lord Comberemere’s funeral, which means it has to be his ghost! in reality, the picture was taken when Lord Combermere was only briefly in the chair, while very much alive, resulting in the blurred image you see.

    as for the woman in the woods, there is no woman there. it is an optical illusion, a pattern which the brain establishes as a woman, because that is what our brains our trained to do.

    sorry folks, most of these are blatantly faked or easily explained…. but not all!

  27. Well done Eric. Of this group, only the “Monk” in Yorkshire (#7) remains unexplained after vigorous professional scrutiny. I’ve been a photographer and illustrator for 30 years, and when I look at ghost photos, I see them with a very different eye.
    I dare to say that virtually all “ghost photos” posted here and on other sites are either misinterpretations of photo anomalies, or more unfortunately, fakes and hoaxes. Usually when the process is revealed, the result is obvious. As an example: http://www.csicop.org/si/show/from_the_edge_of_postcards_the_wem_ghost_photo/
    This link will demonstrate how The fire Girl (#5) was accomplished by lifting a figure from an old 1922 postcard. For the devout, remember that Photoshop simply makes faking easier; just as much could be skillfully done in the darkroom 100 years ago. To the trained eye, most manipulations are obvious. Ghost photos are often suspect simply from their premise. In #8, if Lord Combermere’s photographer is to take photos of the family, then why shoot an empty room? In the 1890′s photos were still taken with long exposures (hence the ghostly figure), and cameras were never “prepped” by taking a photo. What would be the point? Perhaps Lord C. did prefer the couch since from the chair, there’s a lamp in front of him. In #10, if Mr. Hardy wanted to photograph the beautiful stairway, why shoot from beneath it? When you look at this photo without the figure, it’s not much of a composition.
    Personally, I think the photo taken by chance is even more fascinating. Upon professional examination, #6 was revealed to be an amazing double exposure! Other photos on the same roll of film were of a family gathering taken indoors for which Mr. Chinnery’s mother-in-law was present.
    Now..that said, do I believe in ghosts? Yes I do! I personally have experienced a physical manifestation in 1983 while visiting my brother’s house in CA. The next morning, my brother revealed to us that they had a poltergeist. I wasn’t frightened by my experience, but I did not sleep well over the rest of the visit. Today, the deed to this residence officially stipulates its haunting. By law, prospective buyers must be made aware of its condition. No, my brother and his wife moved out years ago. Apparently after countless incidents, ‘lights appearing in the hallway’ were the last straw.
    So one will ask: are there ghosts? Yes. Are they people trying to contact us? No one knows if they’re spirits at all, but there is clearly something. Can we take pictures of ghosts? While the preponderance of photos seen may be creative, they are nevertheless abject nonsense.
    That said, there is the Monk….

  28. Well I’ve got to say I fall into the camp of skeptics like. I’m willing to be convinced by hard evidence tho! Check out my video investigation on this very subject-


    And see if you agree with my reasons?

  29. Yes these are all fakes, even the Monk is fake, Dave said its not been proven and I think it has over and over, Anyone who has shot B&W Film knows how to “Dodge and Burn”… We took several shots in churches with a roll of Kodak and came up with several fake ghosts, who look transparent too, its all trickery, and yes photoshop has these tools “dodge and burn” so making fakes is easier than ever these day.

    Dodging and burning are terms used in photography for a technique used during the printing process to manipulate the exposure of a selected areas on a photographic print, deviating from the rest of the image’s exposure. In a darkroom print from a film negative, dodging decreases the exposure for areas of the print that the photographer wishes to be lighter, while burning increases the exposure to areas of the print that should be darker. So its too easy to fake shots like the MONK, which I know to be a fake hands down…. I yet have seen any real proof of actual ghosts in any print yet.

  30. Some of these pictures don’t make sense. For example, look at where the camaera was aiming when the pictures were shot. Why would anyone take a picture of a tree in the cemetery? If that was just a random picture, why let the tree take up a third of the shot? the cowboy picture was not even a random shot, but the camera was pointed at the background, not the subject of the picture. Ironically, if the subject was in the center of the picture, the “ghost” wound not be in the pic. Again, the person taking a picture of the alter, happend to not center the pic. That is like taking a picture of Abe Lincon Statue, and centering hte pic on his left foot. Who takes a picture of the wall next to a stair case? This guy was so anamoured with the staircase that he did not take a picture ascending or decending the stairs, but one of the wall across the opening.

    I don’t know whether or not ghosts exist, but some of these pics are suspect.

  31. i don’t think ghosts exist in this modern generation also..it is only just our hallucination of fear……

  32. Yes, all the pictures are very possible. I had the unfortunate experience of seeing a ghost in 1988 in a caravan park Swan Hill Victoria Australia in the middle of the night. The hair on my head stood up straight when I looked at my white face in the mirror…. not a pleasant experience,


  33. oh man its really interesting but picture taken in england church is really looks like a fake

  34. i beleive in ghost b’coz i had seen at age of 7.now i’m 19.

  35. The funny thing about picture #1 is that I have NEVER been able to find the original image. All copies on the internet have that zoomed-in, elliptical inset.

    Has anyone a copy of the original image without the inset?

  36. Chris, that’s just your opinion, and you have no proof of photoshop. All of these pictures were taken before photoshop was invented.

    P.S. Moderator, the section for name and email address is confusing. When the word “Name” is listed above a box, I assumed I was to right my name in that box. But it turns out I was supposed to give my name in the box above the word “Name.” This is confusing, and caused me to fail several submissions. I kept getting a note telling me that I must enter a valid email. I DID.

  37. The Orthodox Church teaches that after death, the soul is free to move around the earth for a few days and visit people and places that were dear to it. I think the soul is given it’s final resting place around the fortieth day. The fact that this ghost appears two days after his death, supports the Orthodox teaching.

  38. damn the are spooky but i doubt most of them…and i really agree with dave… these may surely be possible but i have my doubts…

  39. I believe n some of the photos ….. But not some like n that lady of………. But these are a good time pass

  40. Yes these are true ……… Only some….

  41. I believe in gosts……all da stories r scary nd intrstng. ….

    princess anamika October 26, 2014 at 7:56 am
  42. totoo ang ghost naniniwala ako jan because i encounter many ghost in my life when i ws 7years old i encounter 3 ghost in our house.

    zhyr ian patrick cballero umerez November 11, 2014 at 11:29 am
  43. Fire girl has since been revealed as a hoax- She was lifted from an image on an old postcard same girl, dress bonnet etc….

  44. Have any of you people seen a real ghost actually? That creeped me out the first time I actually seen one. It’s true that some of these picture were photo-shopped. It actually is interesting to see one though!


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